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Ortwin Klipp, born in 1977 in Sibiu, Romania, is a versatile artist specializing in painting, photography, design, performance, and graphic design. With a background in Graphic Design from Skill/Munich, Klipp has established himself as a prominent figure in the art world since turning freelance in 2000. His work has been featured in renowned publications like The New York Times and exhibited in cities worldwide, including Paris, Dubai, and Monaco. Klipp's art aims to evoke connections and emotions, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay of life's elements. Through captivating visuals and immersive installations, Klipp communicates profound messages, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Portrait of Ortwin Klipp


Can you tell us a bit about how you became an artist? And tell us something about your works.

I have fond memories of my childhood, when I spent a lot of time in nature. My grandmother was an important support and mentor for me from an early age. She gave me a lot of time in nature and bought me colored pencils and paper. I drew and painted tirelessly, discovered my creative streak and immersed myself in the world of colors and shapes to create something new again and again.

A lucky coincidence brought me to the art school of the successful biennial artist René Chacón in Ingolstadt in 1997, through which I was able to experiment in completely new dimensions and even became the artist's assistant. This strengthened my courage to introduce myself to Galerie Schwarz with the words: "I am an artist and would like to exhibit with you." The gallery owner was impressed by my self-confidence and promptly exhibited me. We were able to successfully sell three paintings at the vernissage.

Tell us more about your art (what is your special interest, how do you choose the colors, composition, themes, etc.)?

For me, colors are an expression of life. The energy and creativity I draw from nature flow into my paintings. People and nature in general are my main subjects and inspiration. Ultimately, I strive to create artwork that makes us more aware and reflective of the connections we have in life.

How has your artistic style evolved over the years and what influences have shaped your work?

I am a dreamer and curious by nature. For me, there is nothing more exciting than experimenting, meeting new people and enjoying nature by observing and experiencing it. Above all, my numerous trips around the world have had a strong influence on me. The variety of colors, scents and cultures I have encountered have deeply influenced my work. Each trip has given me new insights into life and the diversity of humanity. For me, life is an endless journey and I strive to capture the uniqueness and interconnectedness of nature in my photographs. This is my passion and way of life. Through my work, I want to tell stories and evoke emotions that reflect the diversity and beauty of our world.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind your work?

For me, it is of great importance to promote the understanding that we are all part of evolution. I want to convey this deep connection with nature through my paintings and artworks. It is always important to me to share the joy I feel when creating my works of art. Because for me, art is a form of communication. That's what I work for.

Where does this interest come from and what inspires you?

My art is about being creative, exploring and celebrating life. For me, photography means looking at the world with open eyes and discovering beauty. A fleeting moment that is nevertheless captured for eternity. This is exactly what drives me: The ability to capture the magic of the moment and to recognize the patterns of the world. Every moment is worth a photo.

To what extent are personal experiences or emotions reflected in your art, and how do they influence your creative decisions?

Art has enabled me to turn my hobby into a profession. It gives me an enormous amount of freedom for inspiration and activity. I consider myself very lucky and deeply grateful to be able to document my world through art.

What makes Pop Art frames special for you? How does the frame complement your work?

The special thing about the pop art frames is their intense luminosity, which shows off my colorful works to their best advantage. The neon frames make my pictures look like living objects, and customers often ask me if LED lights are built into the frames because they shine so brightly.

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