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whitewall gift certificate gift box contents consisting of the gift certificate a slipcase and an envelope.

Gift Certificates in an Elegant Gift Box

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The WhiteWall gift certificate is that special something that is guaranteed to please. When you order, you will receive a blank gift card that you can customize. This is also where you enter the code for the gift card that you will receive by email. Let your loved ones or business clients decide for themselves whether to preserve their own work as a coffee table book, wall art or photo stand display. The WhiteWall gift voucher is elegantly packaged in the gift box and decorated to a high standard for any occasion.
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Instant Gift Certificates

from 25,00 €
If you are looking to get your hands on a great last minute gift, the WhiteWall gift certificate is the perfect choice. You will receive the voucher code by e-mail and can then easily enter it into one of our ready-made voucher cards for download. Select the image of your choice, enter the voucher code you have received and rest assured that your gift will bring a smile to any photo lover's face.
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Redeem Your Gift Certificate

You can redeem your gift certificate in our online shop or in one of our stores. Simply add your item to the shopping cart and enter the gift certificate code during checkout. The amount will automatically be deducted from the total price.

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