Order Metallic Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass
Metallic Print Under Acrylic Glass
Photo paper : Metallic ultraHD Photo Print

Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print

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Depth And A Silvery Sheen: The Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print

The pearlescent shimmer of the Fuji Crystal Pearl paper intensifies the radiance of the colors and highlights contrasts. With the ultraHD variant, you will receive the double resolution for your photo.

Double Resolution

Incredible Detail

Innovative Exposure on Real Photo Paper

A Dazzling Effect for Selected Images

Brand-Name Paper with a Metallic Sheen

Durable Silicone Seal

Your Metallic Photo In UltraHD: Fuji Crystal Pearl Paper With Metallic Gloss

At WhiteWall, your real photo print is exposed using the latest laser technology and developed traditionally. Fuji Crystal Pearl paper is particularly suited for images with intense color and high contrast. The bright areas shimmer most dynamically. Get an extraordinary look with this high-gloss finish.

Acrylic ulraHD Metallic Print Photo Paper create
  • ultraHD version for maximum detail and incredibly intense color
Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print without ultra HD

Traditional Photo Print

create Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print

ultraHD Photo Print

Acrylic And Aluminum Mounting For ultraHD Fuji Crystal Pearl Prints

The pearly shimmer of Fuji Crystal Pearl paper intensifies the luminosity of colors and brings out the best in contrasts. The ultraHD version gives you double resolution for your photo.

Acrylic ulraHD Metallic Photo Print to order
  1. Glossy acrylic glass, 1/16 in. (2 mm) thick
  2. Photo print with shimmering look & silicone sealant
  3. Sturdy aluminum Dibond backing
Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print

The Sturdy Design Of Aluminum Dibond

Your acrylic photo has a backing consisting of a 1/8 in. (3mm) thick composite material consisting of two aluminum layers and a polyethylene core. The backing ensures long-lasting stability. The low weight of aluminum allows for easy picture hanging.

Acrylic ulraHD Metallic Print with aluminum dibond as a backboard to order
  1. Aluminum layer
  2. Black synthetic core
  3. Aluminum layer
  4. White backing
Aluminum rail rectangle

Aluminum Rail Rectangle

For pictures with edges over 19.7 in. (50 cm)

Aluminum rails, parallel

Parallel Aluminum Rails

Medium size formats - For pictures with edges from 10 in. to 19.7 in. (26 cm to 50 cm)

Picture Hanging Hooks for Photos

Picture Hanging Hooks

Small formats - For pictures with edges up to 9.8 in. (25 cm)

Wall Posts for Photo Prints

Wall Posts

Medium size and large formats - For pictures with edges from 7.8 in. to 39.3 in. (20 cm to 100 cm)

Tips On Hanging Your Glossy Acrylic Photo Print

Your Custom Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print In The Format Of Your Choice

At WhiteWall, we mount Fuji Crystal Pearl prints under acrylic glass according to your specifications. Custom sizes, accurately and precisely made. You set the length of the edges, and can even opt for rounded corners. We offer: standard formats from small to extra-large, portrait and landscape orientation, square formats, panoramics, and circular formats. Or choose your own proportions and order a tailor-made format.

Acrylic ulraHD Metallic Print with Frame create
  • Minimum size: 3.5 x 3.5 in. (9 x 9 cm)
  • Maximum size: 94 x 48 in. (240 x 122 cm)

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Size Comparison | 01

Size Comparison | 02

Size Comparison | 03

04 Group C

Picture Size Comparison Chart: Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print

Acrylic Prints

Put Extra Focus On Your Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print: A Variety Of Frames

Acrylic mounting provides a timeless look that can fit into any décor. To add a personal touch and show your own unique style, you can also have your Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print framed. This augments the distinctive character of your picture. With more than 100 frame models in different styles, materials, and colours, there is something for every taste. All our frames come with a wall mount.

Photo paper : Metallic ultraHD Photo Print
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Materials: Solid wood with real wood veneers or aluminum
  • Production: Made to order at our own frame workshop

Double Down On Gloss: Metallic Photo Paper And Acrylic Glass

Sometimes memory can add extra luster to what really happened. Give these events and special occasions the shine you know they deserve with our metallic photo paper! You remember the green evening dress being way more intense? Or the illuminated street signs of Tokyo much more glaring? Then take advantage of the effect of metallic photo paper to make colors luminous and lights radiant. The metallic sheen of the high-gloss surface appears modern and glamorous. When you add acrylic glass mounting into the equation, you achieve maximum gloss. The Acrylic Photo Print won’t take a back seat to your memories! It also makes a perfect high-quality photo gift for any occasion.

Alternatives To Metallic Photo Prints On Acrylic Glass

If you are looking for more products with a metallic sheen, discover our Metal Prints. Our Brushed Aluminum Print and HD Metal Print in particular have a metallic shimmer and are even suitable for sheltered outdoor areas.

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