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Nature photography from the series Forbidden Fruit by Florian W. Müller.

Fascinating perspectives of nature by Florian W. Müller

In an interview on the occasion of his exhibition “Equilibrium” in Wetzlar, Florian W. Müller reveals more about his love for nature and nature photography, his working methods and which creature will be the star of his next project.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

composition of two photos by Per Appelgren with a close up woman's face and a person walking down the streets, light and shadow.

“I love the intense connection with my subjects.” – Per Appelgren

Per Appelgren, born 1984, is a German-Swedish fashion photographer living between Cologne and Berlin. He has worked for brands such as Gucci, Baldessarini and Douglas and his photographs have appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar. Recently, his work was on display in the solo exhibition “VIVID” in Cologne - supported by WhiteWall.

Submitted by WhiteWall Team

picture by paul sawyers.

“I’m fascinated by the ambiguity of photography” – Paul Sawyers

Paul Sawyers lives in Brighton in the south of England. He studied illustration there, but now works as a photographer and silkscreen artist. In the interview, he reveals why he was practically born with an enthusiasm for photography and the role color plays in his photographs.

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