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Metal & Aluminum Prints


Close up of the image of windows on skyscraper on direct Print On Aluminum Dibond.
Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond
  • A modern look with a matte, glare-free surface

  • Bright areas have a light, silk gloss shimmer

  • Suitable for sheltered outdoor areas



Close up of the image of three boats reflected on the calm sea surface, while in the background is a skyline on a Photo Print On Aluminum Backing.

Photo Print On Aluminum Backing

  • Elegant mounting without glass

  • Matte or glossy lamination

  • 3 different photo papers to choose from



Close up of the image of A mountain and a forest reflected in a lake on a ultraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Backing.
ultraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond
  • Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima Paper

  • Durable and light mounting material

  • Choose between a glossy or matte surface



Ilford B/W Photo Print On Aluminum Backing
  • Genuine black and white print

  • Sealing in matte or glossy

  • Perfect for monochrome images



Fine art Print on Aluminium Dibond with zoom in on the edge.
Fine Art Print On Aluminum Dibond
  • Impressively clean and pure presentation of fine art prints

  • Four paper types available from Hahnemühle and Canson

  • Individual effect due to characteristic paper structure



Close up of a House facade on a Direct Print on brushed Aluminium in silver.
Direct Print On Brushed Aluminum
  • Choose between a surface in silver or gold

  • Brushed metallic look in the bright areas

  • Printed areas: matte surface without reflections



Close up of a dancing woman on an HD Metal Print.
ChromaLuxe HD Metal Print
  • Astonishing brilliance: perfect for colorful images

  • Printed on ultra-thin aluminum

  • Even suitable for outdoor areas and bathrooms


The Benefits of Metal Photo Prints

  • Impressive Luminosity and Depth

  • High Saturation

  • Water-Resistant, Durable UV Print

  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • Stability and Low Weight


Our Customers' Feedback

I am COMPLETELY THRILLED with the results! I gave the model from the shoot a print on aluminium Dibond as a gift, and she was equally pleased.

Mike M.
WhiteWall Customer

The picture turned out absolutely beautiful and the quality is outstanding—definitely worth the price!

Diana P.
WhiteWall Customer

No complaints about the shipping, and I am extremely happy with this picture – excellent work from WhiteWall.

Stephen D.
WhiteWall Customer

Amazing quality and it looks fantastic. Depending on how the light hits the picture, it has a stunning metallic sheen.

Carlos D.
WhiteWall Customer
Various motifs that illustrate the content of the Aluminum Sample Set.

Aluminum Sample Set

With its expanded selection of materials and finishes, this set provides an excellent overview of our aluminum products. You will be refunded 100% of the purchase price for your samples (excl. shipping) in the form of a voucher. This will be sent to you in a separate email after the samples have been shipped and can be redeemed during your next order.

NEW: You can now also order our aluminum samples individually or create your own customized set. Click HERE for an overview of the samples.

  • Direct Print on Aluminum Dibond

  • Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond, matte

  • Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond, glossy

  • ultraHD Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond, matte

  • ultraHD Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond, glossy

  • Fine Art Print On Aluminum Dibond, Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta

  • Fine Art Print On Aluminum Dibond, Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl

  • Direct Print On Brushed Aluminum, Silver

  • Direct Print On Brushed Aluminum, Gold

  • ChromaLuxe HD Metal Print, Glossy

  • ChromaLuxe HD Metal Print, Brushed Glossy

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Metal Prints - The answers to all your questions

What makes metal prints special? 

Metal pictures are available in direct printing or lamination on a 0.11 in. (3 mm) thick aluminum Dibond backing. Dibond aluminum consists of two thin layers of aluminum which encase a black polyethylene core. It is a lightweight and discreet material that fits seamlessly into modern interiors. Direct printing on aluminum offers a matte effect on a non-reflective surface.

How do I customize and order a metal print? 

You can create your metal print online via the configuration tool. Simply upload the photo you wish to transfer, choose your preferred paper, customize your print with the options available, and confirm your order.

What options are available?

For your photo print on metal, first choose between direct printing or laminated printing on Dibond aluminum. For direct printing, you can opt for a classic aluminum backing or brushed aluminum. The latter lends a shimmering effect to your design. For lamination, three branded papers are available or you can select an ultraHD print, which is perfect for photographs rich in detail. Furthermore, you can enhance your aluminum print with a custom-made frame. You will find a wide selection of frames to enhance colors of your metal print.

What are the production and delivery timelines for metal prints?

Photo prints on metal require an estimated 7 working days for production and delivery.

What sizes and formats are available? 

For metal prints, WhiteWall offers both standard and made-to-measure options. Made-to-measure orders are printed by the centimeter to best respect the original dimensions of your photo. Depending on your motif, you can choose a square format, 2:3, 3:4, DIN, panorama, etc. The minimum size for metal prints is 3.9 x 3.9 in. (10 x10 cm) and the maximum size is 74 x 57 in. (190 x 145 cm) for direct printing, and 70 x 48 in. (180 x 122 cm) for laminated printing. Please refer to the comparison table above for accurate maximum sizing. 

Is it possible to speak with an expert before ordering a print? 

Benefit from expert advice at WhiteWall. Our advisers are available to answer all your questions about design, material choice, finishes, and more. You can also visit our WhiteWall stores to discover more products and connect with our advisors for personalized assistance.

What motifs are best suited for metal prints? 

Aluminum is an elegant and contemporary material which is suited to a wide range of motifs. Direct printing on aluminum will deliver a matte finish and most accurately reproduce the colors of your design. Direct printing on brushed aluminum will deliver a metallic, shimmering effect to the brighter areas of the photo. This format is particularly suitable for urban and architectural imagery. For designs with specific characteristics, we recommend the special laminated papers on aluminum, such as the ultraHD print which is ideal for patterns rich in detail. To highlight your black and white prints, we recommend the black & white Ilford paper. In this case, the aluminum Dibond is the ideal mounting solution and does not affect the clarity of the image.

How do I hang my metal print? 

A system of wall fixtures is supplied with the print to ensure your photo receives optimal exposure. You can choose from a selection of metal rails or a screw system.

What are the alternatives to metal prints? 

WhiteWall offers a wide range of mountings for your photos. For a more impressive print with a depth effect, you'll find a wide range of acrylic photo prints. For a lightweight board with vibrant colors, Forex is the ideal option. For a more natural effect, opt for printing your photos on wood.

Why choose WhiteWall for my metal prints?

WhiteWall provides exceptional know-how as well as a vast wealth of experience in the production of laminated prints. Moreover, WhiteWall guarantees flawless results for your metal prints. In 2023, WhiteWall was awarded "Best Photo Lab" for the fifth time by the TIPA World Awards – an outstanding achievement. Only WhiteWall offers such a wide variety of customized formats and options, allowing each customer to make the most of their photo’s special features. Last but not least, WhiteWall offers expert advice, guaranteeing the best possible service at all times.