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Outstanding Photo Gifts From WhiteWall
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Special moments for Valentine's Day

Your photos deserve the best. So do your loved ones. With photo gifts from WhiteWall, you can give them top-quality, one-of-a-kind works of art. Simply select the product you want, upload photos, and customize your gifts to your individual taste.

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Our gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Your most beautiful pictures in gallery quality

Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass
  • Our gallery-quality bestseller

  • Your choice of photo prints under 2, 4 or 6 mm of acrylic glass

from $19.95
Floater Frame
  • Powerful gap between picture and frame

  • For photos under acrylic or on aluminum

from $69.95
ArtBox Gift Edition
  • Special solid wood frame with a depth of 1.37 in. (35 mm)

  • For hanging or standing

  • With gift box

from $84.95
Acrylic Photo Block with gift box
  • 1 in. (25 mm) of acrylic glass creates a 3D effect

  • Freestanding photo with sculptural character

  • Brilliant colours and depth

ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass
  • Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima Paper

  • ultraHD version of our bestselling product. 1/16 in. (2 mm) or 1/8 in. (4 mm) acrylic glass

from $22.95
Original Photo Print On Wood
  • Vivid Color Photo Prints Mounted On Wood

  • Your favorite photo on wood as a unique wall decoration

from $14.95

Gorgeous Wall Art

Your images under acrylic glass, printed on wood or forex

Original Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic Glass
  • A high-quality, non-reflective finish

  • For subtle depth and soft, well-balanced colours

from $22.95
Acrylic ultraHD Metallic Print
  • Double resolution for your metallic photo

  • Bright parts of your photo have a metallic sheen under 1/16 in. (2 mm) of acrylic glass

from $24.95
Close up of a Multi Panel Wall Art. The whole picture is divided into vertically three parts.
Multi-Piece Picture
  • As a two-piece, three-piece, or four-piece picture

  • Classic and special presentation form

Try Out Multi Panels
Direct Print On Wood
  • For photos with a natural look

  • Premium printing on birch

from $7.95
Photo gifts as metal print

Our Bestselling Aluminum Products

Direct Print on Aluminium Dibond
  • An introduction to photos on aluminum

  • Printed straight on metal with a matte surface

from $9.95
Original Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond
  • Real photographic print with purist mounting

  • Glossy or matte seal

from $17.95
ultraHD Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond
  • Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima Paper

  • Durable and light mounting material

from $19.95

Classic or Modern Photo Gifts

On canvas, aluminum panel or Pop Art Frame

Close up of a beach as a glossy canvas print on a stretcher frame.
Glossy Canvas On Stretcher Frame
  • Modern, intensely colorful variation

  • Glossy surface for strong contrasts

from $39.95
Close up of a portrait of a woman as matte canvas print on stretcher frame.
Matte Canvas on Stretcher Frame
  • Traditional, simple look

  • Glare-free surface

from $45.95
Textile Print On Stretcher Frame
  • Brilliant colors and crisp detail

  • Durable and water-resistant print

from $49.95
Close up of a dancing woman on an HD Metal Print.
HD Metal Print
  • Glossy, brushed or smooth

  • Extra-thin aluminium panel, just 1 mm thick

from $14.95
Direct Print On Brushed Aluminium
  • Brushed metallic look in the bright areas

  • Printed areas: matte surface without reflections

from $12.95
Close up of a corner of the red Pop Art Frame.
Pop Art Frames
  • Bold frames in neon colours

  • Transparent frames made of acrylic glass

from $79.95

Framed Photo Gifts

Your Pictures in Gallery Frames

Close up of an overcast cloud in a mountain range in a Gallery Frame.
Gallery Frame
  • 10 different frame mouldings from modern to classic

  • Large selection of colours and frame widths

from $79.95
Close up of four Acrylic Prints With Slimline Case with white, black, silver and gold colors.
Acrylic Print with Slimline Case
  • Slimline case now available in Gold, Black, and White

  • Modern aluminium frame, just 1 mm wide

from $59.95
Solid Wood Frame With Passe-Partout
  • A classic look: Directs focus to your photo

  • Choose from various frames and photo mat colours

from $99.95
Shadow Box Frame
  • External depth: 6 cm, interior depth: 4 cm

  • Glazing: acrylic glass

  • Made-to-measure in our frame workshop

from $119.95
Aluminium ArtBox
  • Two Colour Options

  • 3D Effect

  • Made to order in our own workshop

from $79.95
Solid Wood ArtBox
  • 3D Effect

  • Easy to hang: All you need is two nails or screws (depending on the size)

  • Displayed on a gallery ledge: Elegant and impressive

from $49.95

Giclée & Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Prints and our highlights for black and white photography

Fine Art Prints on Hahnemühle, Canson and Epson
  • Giclée print on authentic art paper from Hahnemühle, Canson and Epson

  • 11 fine art papers to choose from

from $25.95
LightJet Print On Ilford B/W Paper
  • Matte or glossy, the king of black-and-white photo papers

  • Fine greyscale, precise image detail and impressive contrast sharpness

from $9.95
LightJet Print On Ilford Baryta Paper
  • The most durable photo paper

  • Baryta texture with a silky shimmer

from $19.95

Extravagant Photo Gifts

Special Formats

WhiteWall Acrylic Mini
  • 3 ways to display: comes with stand, magnet, and wall-mount!

  • Send directly to the recipient

from $22.95
Acrylic Glass Stand
  • Timeless tabletop photo display in 3 variations

  • Photo under 1/16 in. (2 mm), 1/8 in. (4 mm) or ¼ in. (6 mm) of acrylic glass

  • Available in individual custom sizes

from $19.95
Close upof a round Fomat of an Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass.
Round Photo Prints & Shapes
  • Geometric shapes for expressive photos

  • Circular, Hexagon, Octagon, or Dodecagon

Try Out Shapes

Gift Certificates & Customer Service

The Right Photo Gift

Gift Certificate
  • Available instantly: Code sent by e-mail

  • Gift Certificate in a sophisticated gift box

  • Spread joy with denominations from €25 to €500

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Premium Photo Gifts For Creative People

Finding the perfect present for everyone is easy with WhiteWall. Create personalised photo gifts for your family, friends, and customers with our bestselling photo products. Your favourite pictures become stunning and colourful wall decor that make unforgettable photo gifts and keepsakes. Make your best photo into a decorative stand for a winning gift that looks great anywhere. Or turn lots of special memories into a personalised prints collage and give someone a reason to smile all year round. If you love the idea of unique photo gifts, we are happy to make as many premium photo keepsakes as you like, and all to your custom specifications.

Custom Photo Gifts

Every year, we make it our goal to inspire you with new products and to realize your photo gift ideas in top quality. Our wall décor canvas is an absolute specialty. With our revolutionary ultraHD photo prints mounted on metal, you can make your image into an extraordinary surprise ready to hang on the wall. The innovative technique results in a fascinating, authentic photograph with the highest resolution, an enormous feeling of depth, and maximum image quality. Naturally, these can also be framed. For a completely different HD look, try a metal print for your photo. The HD Metal Print comes in glossy or metallic, and is a stable and durable substrate that can even be used in outdoor areas, even in frosty winter months.

Photo Gifts for Every Occasion

A Gift Certificate from WhiteWall is perfect for anyone who loves photography and appreciates beautifully made photo products. Simply choose the amount, and let the recipients select premium, personalised photo gifts for themselves. The selection from our diverse product range is enormous, running the gamut from photo prints on brand-name paper to metal prints to acrylic mounting to framed photo products to custom photo books to desk stands and canvas. Everything we do is premium. Give a gift certificate from WhiteWall in our stylish package. Or else make a snap decision about who should receive photo gifts: select the gift certificate, download, print, and you’re ready to go!