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WhiteWall Acrylic Mini

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Small Acrylic Photos To Display Anywhere: The WhiteWall Acrylic Mini

With three easy display options, the WhiteWall Acrylic Mini is a real photographic print under acrylic glass you can put pretty much anywhere. Decorate your wall, hang it on metal surfaces using the built-in magnets, or stand it with other pictures atop a dresser.

Brilliant photo print behind acrylic glass

For hanging or standing

Wall mount including magnet

Packed in gift envelope

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Premium Quality Mini Photos From WhiteWall: Real Photo Prints Under Acrylic

Like our bestselling product, the Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass, these mini acrylic photos are also developed on first-class photo paper, silicone-sealed under 2 mm thick acrylic glass, and backed with stable and opaque aluminium Dibond.


High-quality sealing under acrylic glass using elastic silicone


Photo print on Fuji Crystal DP II


Opaque backing made of 0,11 in. (3 mm) thick aluminium Dibond

Collector’s Items With Personal Value: Your Photos As WhiteWall Acrylic Minis

By themsleves or in a group, the Acrylic Minis from WhiteWall bring memories to life. From vacations to anniversaries to birthdays to honeymoons to the first day of school, collect special moments piece by piece and present a colorful abundance of your photos on the wall, in a magnetic refrigerator display, or grouped together atop a sideboard. These small, affordable works of art truly excel thanks to their guaranteed WhiteWall quality. 

DynamicMagnetically affix to fridges or metal furniture
ClassicHang on the wall
AdaptableStand stably on flat surfaces

Special Photo Gifts In An Original Package: The WhiteWall Mini Acrylic Photos

The WhiteWall Acrylic Minis are a versatile way to spread joy. A small token of your affection, a personal photo gift, or a special greeting from your vacation. Thanks to the high-quality production, these small-format photo prints under acrylic glass make fantastic gifts, which we are also happy to send directly to the recipient in special packaging. 

  • A present or original alternative to a postcard from afar

  • Direct shipping straight to the recipient

Simple Ordering: Comes In Two Formats

The affordable WhiteWall Acrylic Minis are a game-changer: the small-format acrylic pictures are produced in high quality. And at either 18 x 13 cm or 13 x 13 cm, these Acrylic Photo Prints are a great way to show off your most beautiful memories and miniature masterpieces! 

Versatile Display Options

Arrives with:

1Magnetic back
2Hanging hook