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The Floater Frame – Levitate Your Picture

Display your photos the way pros do at leading art fairs: in a Floater Frame. A gap between your image and the solid wood frame creates the impression your picture is levitating.

Frames for a Stunning Effect

Picture Appears to Float

Diverse Printing & Mounting Options

Large Selection of Frames

Custom Formats and Sizes

Wall Mount Included

Your Photo In A Floater Frame

Floater Frame Profile Basel

Basel, Dark Brown

Floater Frame Profile Basel Natural

Basel, Natural Oak

Frame Profile Barcelona

Barcelona, Black & Silver

Frame Profile Tokyo

Tokyo, Black Varnish

Mounting Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass Glossy

Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

Traditional photo print protected by acrylic glass

Mounting Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass Matte

Original Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic

Cuts glare and reflections

Mounting Original Photo Print on AluDibond

Original Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond

Traditional photo print with a robust backing

Mounting Direct Print on AluDibond

Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond

High-quality print on a sturdy metal material

Mounting Forex

Direct Print On Forex

Fantastic entry-level product

The Levitating Picture: Your Photo In A Floater Frame

Thanks to a small gap between the frame and the edges of your image, the picture appears to float inside the frame. This contemporary frame is both elegant and subtle.

Floater Frame on wall

Maximum size varies by material

  • Standard gap between picture and frame: 0.28 in. (7 mm)
  • Gap between picture and frame for the Basel Plus model: 0.38 in. (21 mm)
  • Minimum size: 6 x 6 in. (15 x 15 cm)
  • Maximum size varies by material
    Aluminum: 75 x 57 in. (190 x 145 cm)
    Acrylic Glass: 114 x 70 in. (290 x 180 cm)
    Canvas: 70 x 47 in. (180 x 120 cm)

View Formats & Prices

Size Comparison |  01 Acrylic and Framed Products

Size Comparison |  02 Acrylic and Framed Products

Size Comparison |  03 Acrylic and Framed Products

Size Comparison |  04 Acrylic and Framed Products

Picture Size Comparison Chart: Floater Frame

Exhibition Ready: Your Floater Frame Is Ready To Hang Or Display On A Ledge

Our Floater Frames arrive ready to hang. The metal picture hanging hardware on the reverse of the frame is included in the price.

Floater Frame Mounting
  • Out of the box and onto the wall: Your picture arrives ready-to-hang
  • Easy as pie: All you need is two nails, screws, or hooks
  • Display the way you want: Also looks great on a gallery ledge
  • The choice is yours: Available without hanging hardware upon request

A Bestseller For Good Reason: Our Gallery Floater Frame

We have many beautiful frames to choose from. But some are simply exceptional. The gallery frame with shadow gap has something everyone is looking for: That bit of “je ne sais quoi”. Your photo is not just nicely framed – it has class. The floating effect enriches its overall appearance and conveys independence – your work is free and unbound within its surroundings and yet harmoniously included in the interior concept. A paradox? A little one, maybe. But you should see for yourself. Many have done so before you: After all, our gallery frame with shadow gap is a real bestseller. We have employed that weightless, floating effect in some of our other products as well, e.g. in our shadow box frame with more depth and the ArtBox in wood, which is a little subtler but still very chic.

Depth With Acrylic Glass – The Alternative To Gallery Floater Frames

You are not a fan of wood? No problem. We can create depth of field just as well without a frame. Laminates of original photo prints under acrylic glass are also a top seller at WhiteWall. A modest acrylic glass thickness of just 1/16 in. (2 mm) will already give you some amazing effects. At 3/16 in. (4 mm) you are coming into the professional segment, and at 1/4 in. (6 mm) your pictures will have an unrivalled depth with 3D effect. You feel like you can step right into the picture, your memory – and you will feel like you want all your pictures to look this impressive. You are an amateur photographer but have that one picture that really stands out from all the rest? Then you should definitely allow yourself the luxury of an original photo print or a direct print under 1/16 in. (2 mm) acrylic glass. You are a professional and are looking for the perfect presentation for your next exhibition? Give WhiteWall a try with an original photo print under 3/16 in. (4 mm) acrylic glass or order our sample set with a whole range of products and papers.

Weather Resistant: Try Frameless Direct Prints Instead Of Gallery Frames

If you are looking for something that will stay beautiful in wind and weather and don’t want to skimp on quality, then you have come to the right place: WhiteWall direct prints on Forex, aluminum Dibond or brushed aluminum are all suitable for roofed outdoor areas and our HD metal print can even stay in the rain without any detriment. Why not give yourself a sunny view out the window on a rainy day: With a HD metal print you can have sunshine in November on your balcony. We have made a name for ourselves with the color brilliance of our products – and we want to keep it that way. That is why we will do our very best for your favorite pictures. That is how good pictures become great ones. We here at WhiteWall are professionals – and we will make you look like one too.

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