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The Floater Frame – Levitate Your Picture

Display your photos the way pros do at leading art fairs: in a Floater Frame. A gap between your image and the solid wood frame creates the impression your picture is levitating.

Frames for a Stunning Effect

Picture Appears to Float

Diverse Printing & Mounting Options

Large Selection of Frames

Custom Formats and Sizes

Wall Mount Included

Your Photo In A Floater Frame

Floater Frame Profile Basel

Basel, Dark Brown

Floater Frame Profile Basel Natural

Basel, Natural Oak

Frame Profile Barcelona

Barcelona, Black & Silver

Frame Profile Tokyo

Tokyo, Black Varnish

Mounting Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass Glossy

Original Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass

Traditional photo print protected by acrylic glass

Mounting Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass Matte

Original Photo Print Under Matte Acrylic

Cuts glare and reflections

Mounting Original Photo Print on AluDibond

Original Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond

Traditional photo print with a robust backing

Mounting Direct Print on AluDibond

Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond

High-quality print on a sturdy metal material

Mounting Forex

Direct Print On Forex

Fantastic entry-level product

The Levitating Picture: Your Photo In A Floater Frame

Thanks to a small gap between the frame and the edges of your image, the picture appears to float inside the frame. This contemporary frame is both elegant and subtle.

Floater Frame on wall

Maximum size varies by material

  • Standard gap between picture and frame: 0.28 in. (7 mm)
  • Gap between picture and frame for the Basel Plus model: 0.38 in. (21 mm)
  • Minimum size: 6 x 6 in. (15 x 15 cm)
  • Maximum size varies by material
    Aluminum: 75 x 57 in. (190 x 145 cm)
    Acrylic Glass: 114 x 70 in. (290 x 180 cm)
    Canvas: 70 x 47 in. (180 x 120 cm)

View Formats & Prices

Size Comparison |  01 Acrylic and Framed Products

Size Comparison |  02 Acrylic and Framed Products

Size Comparison |  03 Acrylic and Framed Products

Size Comparison |  04 Acrylic and Framed Products

Picture Size Comparison Chart: Floater Frame

Exhibition Ready: Your Floater Frame Is Ready To Hang Or Display On A Ledge

Our Floater Frames arrive ready to hang. The metal picture hanging hardware on the reverse of the frame is included in the price.

Floater Frame Mounting
  • Out of the box and onto the wall: Your picture arrives ready-to-hang
  • Easy as pie: All you need is two nails, screws, or hooks
  • Display the way you want: Also looks great on a gallery ledge
  • The choice is yours: Available without hanging hardware upon request
Floater frame - All the answers to your questions

What is special about a floater frame from WhiteWall?

To frame and showcase your most beautiful designs, WhiteWall offers a hardwood floater frame, custom-made in small or large format in the carpentry workshop. The floater frame creates an elegant border for the design with a 0.28 (or 0.38 in. with the Basel Plus frame), thus generating a unique floating effect.

How can I create and order a floating picture frame?

You can order your photo with floater frame online via the configurator. Simply select the type of frame you want or choose your preferred support for the print and add a frame when configuring the product. Then choose from the options available and finally confirm your order.

What options are available for a floater frame?

WhiteWall offers a wide range of options for a customized floater frame. Firstly, several types of wood are available in different colors. Also it is possible to set the profile, i.e. the width of the frame bordering the photo, either 0.28 in. or 0.38 in. Finally, you choose the type of printing option for your photo. A wide range of options are available, such as acrylic, direct on aluminum or laminated printing as well as Forex and canvas.

What are the production and delivery deadlines for floater frame pictures?

For framed photo prints, it takes about 11 working days for production and delivery.

What sizes and formats are available for floater frames?

For your floating picture frame, WhiteWall offers you standard or made-to-measure formats, printed by the cm, thus respecting the original format of your photo. Depending on your design, choose a square format, 2:3, 3:4, DIN, panorama, etc. The maximum possible dimensions depends on the type of printing option that you choose for your photo. For example, it is possible to print a photo under acrylic up to a maximum size of 196 in. (Masterprint) and up to 75 in. on aluminum. Framing is added to the dimensions of your picture. Therefore, you can have your photo framed with a floating picture frame, even in the most majestic formats.

Is it possible to get advice before ordering a floater frame?

Benefit from expert advice at WhiteWall. Our advisers are on hand to answer all your questions relating to the choice of material and finishes for your design via e-mail or telephone. You can also discover all the WhiteWall products in stores and meet our advisers who will offer personalized advice for your floater frame.

What color should I choose for my floater frame photo?

The choice of the color of your floating picture frame depends on the colors in your picture and on the room where you want to display your frame. The frame will make certain colors in the photo stand out and draw attention to other elements in the picture. It goes without saying that the frame should match your interior, in particular the walls and furniture.

How can I hang my floater frame?

A system of wall fixings is supplied with the print to ensure your photo receives optimal exposure of your floater frame photo.

Why should I choose WhiteWall for my floater frame?

WhiteWall offers unique expertise and guarantees flawless results for your floater frame. In 2021 WhiteWall was awarded "Best Photo Lab" for the fourth time by the TIPA Awards for the quality of its products. Only WhiteWall offers customized formats and an impressive range of printing options to showcase the specifics of the design. You can individualize your picture according to your wishes and obtain a completely unique photo frame with high-quality wood for a guaranteed long-lasting result. Last but not least, WhiteWall offers expert advice, guaranteeing the best possible service at all times.

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