WhiteWall at BERLIN PHOTO WEEK 2022

Special artists, strong partners and iconic photographs

BERLIN PHOTO WEEK - Celebrate Iconic Photography

Special photographic art, unique images, and exciting insights into the world of photographers await visitors of the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK (September 2-4, 2022) in the capital city. Leica and WhiteWall will be presenting a joint program with a myriad of highlights.

The exhibition "The World Deserves Witnesses" provides moving insights into contemporary history, while the exhibition "Coexist" presents the latest works of photo artist Franziska Stünkel. In addition, the exhibition "Magnum Young Blood" features works by German-Russian photographer Nanna Heitmann and Mexican photographer Yael Martinez. Participants can also look forward to a public talk with WhiteWall Ambassador Karsten Staiger on the topic "New York Love Stories".

*Coexist* by Franziska Stünkel – an exhibition produced by WhiteWall

At this year's BERLIN PHOTO WEEK, selected works will be premiered that Franziska Stünkel photographed using the Leica M11 in 2021 and 2022.

For her series COEXIST, Franziska Stünkel has been traveling throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Australia for twelve years in search of natural reflections on shop windows that in their concentrated form, tell a story of the coexistence of human life. In her exhibition "Coexist - Part 6", highly topical global issues resonate, such as human interaction with nature, with the pandemic, and with the impact of digital technology. Franziska Stünkel has completely abstained from any digital post-processing of her photographs.

The works will be on display in Berlin in an edition of 3, as photo prints set behind acrylic glass. The exhibition will be presented within the context of the cooperation between Leica Camera and WhiteWall.

Highlights von WhiteWall auf der BERLIN PHOTO WEEK

Experience the gallery quality of WhiteWall at the joint booth with Leica. Outstanding photographs by nine artists will be featured on a wide variety of WhiteWall products at the trade show.

At Berlin Photo Week, the following products will be used for the exhibitions produced by WhiteWall:

  • Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass

  • Photo Print on Aluminium Backing

  • Print With Pop Art Frame

  • Floater Frame

Exhibition in our Main Hub Arena Berlin. Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin September 02 - 04.

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Photo: Lorenz Holder - BMX-Fahrer Senad Grosic steht im spanischen Apartmentkomplex La Muralla Roja

Photo: Mary Ruffinoni

Photo: Felix Brauner

Photo: Paul Eis