WhiteWall - Partner of the Circulation(s) festival 2023

The 13th edition of the European Festival of Young Photography

In its 13th edition, the Circulation(s) festival presents exciting artists from fourteen different nationalities. After the Romanian, Portuguese, Belarusian, and Armenian photography scene, the focus this year is on Bulgaria.

Circulation(s) is a mix of exhibitions, workshops, portfolio readings and artist talks at a hip art venue in the heart of Paris, offering a diverse, innovative, and high quality program for all photography enthusiasts. A springboard for artists and a trendsetter, Circulation(s) is the place and reflection of contemporary artistic awakening in Europe and an unmissable meeting point for tomorrow's photography. The festival will take place from 03/25 - 05/21/2023.

Visitors at Circulaion(s) festival.

Spotlight on Bulgaria at Circulation(s)

This year the focus is on the photography scene from Bulgaria. Circulation(s) 2023 reflects the blossoming of contemporary European art and once again brings works into conversation with each other to question the boundaries between photography and contemporary art.

"We are pleased to continue our partnership with Circulation(s). As we work with numerous photographers and gallery owners, it is important for us to meet young artists and contribute to a large and dynamic art scene. We share the values of Circulation(s) and the Fetart collective, which succeeds in offering a relevant selection of artists and a high quality program around photography, while engaging a wide audience in this inspiring and exciting art," said Thomas Alscheid, CEO of WhiteWall.

The Circulation(s) festival takes place at CENTQUATRE-PARIS, a cultural venue in the east of Paris, and will continue in the form of tours outside of France and Europe. Circulation(s) is an unmissable meeting point for the photography of tomorrow.

Martin Atanasov, How To Forget Your Past Fast

Born in 1994, Martin Atanasov is a visual artist based in Sofia. He graduated at the FAMU in Prague in 2014 and mainly works in photographic book format. In recent years, he has developed projects in relation to visual anthropology, photography and books such as Nature IndexNUTRICULA/Impossible Actions and How to Forget Your Past.

Mihail Novakov, Salt in the air, sand in my hair

Born in Bulgaria in 1984, Mihail Novakov documents the colourful, the almost kitsch and the absurd in daily life. He adopts an ironic approach of his perception of himself and his environment. The aesthetic of his pictures evoke the atmosphere of the feelings and desires that typify post-communist Bulgaria. His main areas of interest are social observation and youth culture.

Hristina Tasheva, In Belief is Power

Bulgarian researcher and visual artist born in 1976, Hristina Tasheva lives in the Netherlands. As an Eastern European living in Western Europe, migration, identity, and belonging are core topics of her work. She develops most of her projects as photography books, blending image, text, and performance.

Tihomir Stoyanov , I Give You My Face Portrait

Born in 1978 in Bulgaria, Tihomir Stoyanov lives and works in Sofia. He has a degree in photography from the Technical University of Sofia. In 2015, he founded Imaginary Archive, a Bulgarian archive of found photographs comprising over 100,000 negatives and slides.

Exhibition photos produced by WhiteWall

As a partner of the Circulation(s) festival, WhiteWall produced the prints by Isacco Emiliani and three of the artists honored in Focus Bulgaria: Martin Atanasov, Mihail Novakov, Hristina Tasheva.

The image on the right shows a picture by Mihail Novakov from the series "Salt in the air, sand in my hair". An ultraHD photo print in a Gallery Frame, laminated on Alu Dibond.

All related information can be found in the Circulation(s) program.