“Come Together”
– Unpredictable and unique

Exciting photo project at the Hotel Provocateur Berlin

The exhibition “Come Together” is the result of an exciting collaboration between the legendary Hotel Provocateur in Berlin and WhiteWall and the curators of In “Come Together”, curators Jasna Lohr and Kathy Thorn present carefully selected photographs that create a visual world of artistic fantasies behind the pure white façade of the hotel in Berlin Charlottenburg, capturing the essence of human connections. Because when people meet, space opens up for the unknown. The appeal of such encounters lies in their unpredictability and uniqueness.

As a partner of the project, we produced all the images on display at the Hotel Provocateur in the unique WhiteWall quality. Below we show you various design and display options for your large-format artwork.

Lois Cohen & Indiana Roma Voss

Lois Cohen & Indiana Roma Voss, people portrait with pet and baby.

Photo: Lois Cohen & Indiana Roma Voss

Amsterdam photographer and creative director Lois Cohen works closely with stylist and creative director Indiana Roma Voss. Together they combine fiction and reality to create an astonishing visual language. The aesthetic of their work can be described as a paradoxical melting pot of fashion and activism, fine art and camp.

One of their first collaborations is the portrait series Local Angels. A cheerful documentation of Amsterdam’s ‘underground eccentrics’. Her second project, Metamorphosis, a 12-part series dealing with the reinterpretation of the female icon, was highly acclaimed internationally. Both series have been exhibited in galleries in Paris and Amsterdam.

Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer

Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer, detail face portrait dripping water.

Photo: Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer

Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer, born in 1993 in Wiesbaden, Germany, initially studied business administration in Mannheim and New York and began documenting her surroundings photographically during her studies. Today she lives in Bitche, France, and is a successful photographer and art director.

Fee-Gloria invests a lot of time in the detailed planning, research, composition, look and selection of locations that best represent a person, feeling or idea. Her compositions are often edgy, humorous and slightly surreal. Her work was exhibited at the Photo Vogue Festival in Milan in 2019 and 2021. She was also recognized by the British Journal of Photography as one of the “Ones to Watch” for 2021.

Phillip Kaminiak

Phillip Kaminiak, colorful random daily scenes.

Photo: Phillip Kaminiak

Phillip Kaminiak is a German-Polish photographer and filmmaker who now lives in Mexico City. His short films and documentaries have been shown at film festivals around the world and he has made over 400 commercials and music videos. With commercial projects for music magazines and artists, fashion and advertising, Phillip began to transfer his eye and skills to photography.

His work is characterized by a wild mix of street, portrait and documentary photography. Intimate moments and quiet observations mingle with whimsical scenes. For Phillip, photography is a form of self-expression that is also always directed at the viewer – who should keep a permanent question mark in the back of their mind when discovering his images.

Daniel Woeller 

Daniel Wöller, black and white group portrait of three people, rock'n'roll style, licking.

Photo: Daniel Woeller 

Daniel Woeller initially pursued a career in architecture, but soon realized that he wasn’t finding the happiness he was looking for there. Through collaborating on photo shoots and his penchant for being a walking encyclopedia of the film history of European auteur cinema, he eventually found his true calling: photography and film directing.

Daniel, often described as a creative polymath, has a unique ability to capture complex details, emotions and profound moments through his lens. His aim is to tell captivating stories with his images. He approaches his work from a cinematic perspective. He often takes on the role of producer, director and writer, creating storyboards and overseeing the production process to bring his artistic visions to life.

About is the exciting accessible space for contemporary photography and new perspectives for the walls. This portfolio is curated by the female art enthusiasts Jasna Lohr, Wendla Nölle and Kathy Thorn. Coming from the film and creative industries, they are running with a clear attitude and a specific love for female artists.

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