WhiteWall wins the TIPA World Award 2021

By WhiteWall Team

TIPA World Awards 2021.

This year, the international jury of experts at the TIPA World Awards honored the photo lab for yet another advanced innovation in the photographic industry. In the category for "Best Photo Lab", WhiteWall made quite an impression with its revolutionary WhiteWall RoomView. Every year, the members of the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), which consists of 26 international editors of renowned professional photography magazines and websites, vote for the best photo and imaging products of the last 12 months. This makes the TIPA World Awards the most important awards in the photographic industry worldwide, representing innovation, applications of the latest technologies, design, ergonomics, and ease of use. This industry award is now being presented to WhiteWall for the fourth time. After 2013, 2017, and 2020, it's "TIPA World Award goes to WhiteWall" once again this year! The "Best Photo Lab" according to TIPA will be recognized in 2021 for its industry innovation the WhiteWall RoomView, which takes creating wall art to a whole new level. The specially developed WhiteWall RoomView makes it possible to visualize your own photographs on the walls of your own space like never before. The TIPA jury explained its decision as follows: WhiteWall RoomView supports photographers, gallery owners, and interior designers with a whole new way of visualizing photographs in their own spaces. Your photo of choice is uploaded to the WhiteWall website and automatically converted into a three-dimensional product preview. You then upload a photo of your own room or wall, or use the sample room already provided for you. Only the dimensions of the wall or those of a picture that is already hanging have to be entered as a reference. The wall can now be cleared and a white point set for the appropriate lighting conditions. The preview of the picture on the wall is now perfect and the product can be configured individually. This visualizes a true-to-scale representation of the photograph in its very own space.

Alexander Nieswandt, Founder and Managing Director WhiteWall:

"The TIPA World Award 2021 is a major confirmation for us – especially since it is awarded by true industry experts. It means that we are right on course with WhiteWall and it also gives us extra incentive to continue developing. Our in-house developed WhiteWall RoomView is used to project individual photographs on the walls of users in the right perspective. We also offer excellent support during the selection process for professional and private customers."

On WhiteWall RoomView:

© WhiteWall RoomView.

WhiteWall takes the decision-making and creation process for wall art to the next level. The completely newly developed WhiteWall RoomView makes it possible to see your own photographs in your own space. Choosing your own photography to create wall art can be a challenging decision-making process with many initial unknowns. The variety of options, such as formats and frames, all have to perfectly match the picture, not to mention the room and the available space. How would your own images look in your home office, living room or even office space? WhiteWall has just made this decision a whole lot easier with this new unique visualization experience, providing you with the greatest possible confidence in the selection and ordering process. At www.whitewall.com, you can now see exactly how the photograph will look at home or in the office. WhiteWall RoomView has been integrated on the website, and no additional software is required. You only need two photos: one photo of the room or a wall and one photo that is to be turned into wall art. The image of the room can be uploaded either via computer or smartphone – easily and intuitively via QR code. Upload Your Photo And Try It Now

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