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Short profile

Tara Workman is originally from Barbados, but she currently lives in the USA in Portland, Oregon where she enjoys the fantastic natural landscapes to find new subjects in lush green forests, vast deserts and along the wild and romantic Pacific coast. "I'm incredibly lucky to live in one of the most popular areas for landscape photography, and to have a husband who loves to travel near and far and visit new places with me."

Her subtle and often poetic imagery is inspiring a growing audience, and online magazine PetaPixel included her in its list of "10 Female Photographers You Should Know in 2022." In this interview, she reveals more about her working method, how photography has been a godsend for her mental health, and which photographers inspire her.

Portrait of Tara Workman.


Can you tell us a little bit about how you became a photographer?

I’ve always enjoyed capturing moments since I was young enough to take pictures. Mainly of family and friends but always enjoyed the process. In 2016 my husband made a deal with me that if I wanted my second new camera in 2 years, I should learn how to use it. I took his advice and went to a photography basics class and from there I was hooked. I photographed everything at the time and after a while gravitated towards nature as my main subject matter.

water reflections.

Photo: Tara Workman

Please share something about your images (what is your special interest, how do you choose the colors, composition  etc.)

I tend to take a less is more approach to photography highlighting the beauty in subjects many might not notice or consider photogenic. I’ve recently been enjoying making more abstract images which have a more playful feel and engage the viewer in a different way since there is usually a lack of context with scale, subject matter and give a sense of wonder which I love. I tend to follow my curiosity rather than plan and some of my favorite images were made at unexpected places such as the dog park.

Wall showing Tara Workman´s art.

Photo: Tara Workman

Photography is my happy place and so my images tend to be colorful and bright and I hope that translates to the viewer.

Where does this interest come from?

I’m a full-time Family Physician and being out in nature with my camera (the past 2 years especially) has been a godsend for my mental health. I’ve found it helps balance out the stress of life and helps me to reset.

It’s almost a need more than an interest at this point.


Photo: Tara Workman

How do you get inspired? And what inspires you the most? Films, books or magazines? Or what surrounds you?

I’m inspired most commonly by other photographers and artists who have unique ways of seeing the world. Some examples - Jerad Armijo, Alex Noriega, Tj Thorne, Sarah Marino. It encourages me to embrace how I see the world and have my images reflect that as well.

mountains with a desert in its valley.

Photo: Tara Workman

What are your plans for the rest of the day?

It’s my day off, the to-do list is complete and I’m about to plant myself on the couch with a podcast for a bit til our daily evening walk with the pups. Nothing special and it’s perfect.

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