LightJet Print On Ilford B/W Photo Paper
Order LightJet Print On Ilford B/W Paper
Order LightJet Photo Print On Ilford B/W Paper

LightJet Print On Ilford B/W Paper

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Order Your Black And White Photos Online: The LightJet Print On Ilford B&W Paper

Ilford’s panchromatic photo paper allows white tones to shine while the great range of black hues creates enchanting depths. This vibrant appearance is created through strong contrasts and rich tones, for a stunning effect that lasts and lasts.

Black-and-White Photo Print

Silver Halide Paper


Two Surface Options

Optional UV-Protective Laminate

Exact Custom Formats

The Photo Paper: Ilford B&W Print With Dense Black Tones And Brighter Whites

The panchromatic black and white paper from Ilford (190 g/m²) is highly sensitive and enriched with optical brighteners. Brilliant whites and rich black tones turn your photo into a striking eye-catcher. The tonality of the image remains true to the original with high optical density and strong contrasts.

Ilford B/W Photo Paper with Dense Black Tones and Brighter Whites
  • Matte or glossy, the king of black-and-white photo papers
LightJet Print on Ilford B/W Paper | Side View with grey background


Premium brilliance

Ilford B/W Paper Matte


Classic, glare-free protection

An Optional White Border For Your B&W Prints

A white border around your image makes it easier for you to mount your black-and-white print in one of our museum passe-partouts. If you want to display your photo in its natural state – without a passe-partout or frame, the white border serves as a decorative finish.

LightJet Print On Ilford Black and White Photo Paper with White Border

White Border Widths: 3/8 - 4 3/4 in. (1 cm - 12 cm)

LightJet Print On Ilford B&W Paper In Your Custom Format

At WhiteWall, you can choose formats ranging from mini to extra-large for your photo print on Ilford B/W. We offer standard formats with different corner options as well as special panoramic, round, and square formats.

Order LightJet Photo Print On Ilford B/W Paper
  • Minimum size: 3.5 x 3.5 in. (9 x 9 cm)
  • Maximum size: 94 x 48 in. (240 x 122 cm)

View Formats & Prices

Size Comparison | 01

Size Comparison | 02

Size Comparison | 03

04 Group C

Picture Size Comparison Chart: LightJet Print On Ilford B/W Paper

Beautiful Frames For Your Original Photo Prints

WhiteWall’s diverse range of museum passe-partouts, types of frame glass, and frames lets you transform your photograph into an authentic gallery piece.

Beautiful Frames

Specialist for specialists: Baryta paper for your black and white photo

A special feature of WhiteWall is the exposure of digital photos on baryte paper: the barium sulfate-coated paper is among the best. No, it's the best. Baryta paper is currently the highest quality photo paper and the premium choice for black and white photos. An enormous tonal range and high contrasts enable excellent image reproduction of your black-and-white photo on a classic barite structure. It was invented in 1866 and has been continuously improved ever since. Because of the high processing costs, prints on baryta paper are more expensive than normal prints. Understand the price as something special because that's what it is! The white shines, the black plays with different rich tones and gives your picture an inimitable aura.

Real photo prints on Ilford B/W in gallery frame with passe-partout

For a beautiful visual finish, you can choose our gallery frame with passe-partout: one of the highest quality and noblest products in the WhiteWall range. An individual passe-partout offers additional focus for your photo in the frame of your choice. The museum carton receives a precise oblique cut and ends flush with your photo. WhiteWall mounts consist of acid-free and extremely light-resistant museum cardboard. Best quality in different colours. For even more depth, you can also superimpose two passepartouts in different colours. A unique selling point for more conciseness.

Mounting behind acrylic glass for your real photo print on Ilford B/W

Apropos depth: WhiteWall is the pioneer among online laboratories in acrylic mounting. We offer you a special service for your exposed photos on Ilford B/W: The mounting under acrylic glass. This photo enhancement supports the radiance of your photography and ensures a perfect presentation: radiant brilliance, clear image details and an impressive depth effect - your photo under flawlessly shiny and crystal clear acrylic glass. There are different versions available. Of course all in best quality. Already with a glass thickness of 2 mm you achieve a great effect and receive a work in gallery quality - ready for the presentation. Show how good your photos are. We make them even better.

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