WhiteWall Store in Cologne

Mittelstraße 15, 50672 Cologne
Tel.: +49 22 131 068 74 | E-mail: koeln@whitewall.de
Our store will be temporarily closed due to the current situation. During our opening hours, we are still available to offer personal assistance by phone and e-mail:
12-6pm Mon - Sat

How To Find Us
Centrally located between Rudolfplatz and Neumarkt in the north of the old town of Cologne.

U BAHN / BUS / TRAM - Neumarkt
U4, U5, U16, U18, STR 1, STR 7, STR 9
Bus 136, Bus 146

TRAM / BUS - Rudolfplatz
STR 1, STR 7, STR 12, STR 15
Bus 136, Bus 146

More info: KVB

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