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"Creativity is the Root of all Good!" Mr. NYC Subway is a New York artist whose photography has been published in the New York Times, Yahoo, and NBC New York. With a strong passion for capturing images of the NYC Subway and having worked with some of the most talented creators in New York, Andreas (@mrnycsubway) has been able to grow substantial followings on both Instagram (142,000) and TikTok (1.6 million) through his unorthodox imagery.

Mr. NYC Subway has exhibited and sold his art all over the United States. His most notable solo exhibits have been in NYC, Art Basel Miami 2019, and San Diego. Mr. NYC Subway is represented by Art Broker Jason Perez who is based out of Miami.

Originally from San Diego (CA), Andreas moved to Manhattan in 2014 with aspirations to find his true calling as an attorney within business law. After several years of living in the Big Apple, Andreas would discover much more about himself than just being a lawyer.

Andreas started his artistic journey back in October of 2017 as an effort to change how he viewed his commute. Instead of focusing on all the negative aspects of the NYC Subway, he started to put his attention towards its positive and creative characteristics.

After making this change in perspective, Andreas discovered his passion for photography and bought his first camera. Fast forward to present day, Andreas is now a professional photographer who captures portraits, street photography, and landscape images which have been sold all over the world.

Portrait of Andreas P. Verrios aka Mr. NYC Subway.


man jumping under a bridge next to a river.

Mr. NYC Subway - Levitation - Model: @forgetmat.

How did you actually get into photography?

My sole objective when starting this pursuit was to enhance the quality of lifestyle for myself and those around me who commuted during the morning and evening rides to and from work. I wanted to make the environment a more enjoyable one by bringing positive energy to it with my friend/singer Rae Isla. Once we successfully had her perform to the commuters of New York and felt their love/smiles, I became hooked. From that point on, I realized that I didn't need to bring positive energy to the subway, but that it already existed there. It was in the architecture, the fashion, the performers, and most importantly in the millions of New Yorkers who travel on the subway everyday.

a subway full of people who are squeezed together.

Mr. NYC Subway - Rush Hour.

The commuters of New York represent all walks of life, so you will see just about everything (especially because New Yorkers are super creative and artistic) from a woman knitting to a guy making music on his computer. And the beauty to the NYC Subway is that it allows for us to forget about our differences and unite with one purpose: arrive at our final destination; it's truly the great equalizer. It was at this point that I started to capture everything on my iPhone and eventually bought my first camera. So the intent was never to be a professional photographer, but life has a funny way of presenting your destiny when you least expect it.

ballet dancer jumping in a subway station.

Mr. NYC Subway - Taking Flight - Model: @femkeaaldering.

How do you get inspired to develop your image ideas?

It’s important to understand that photography is not just a matter of pressing a button. The real art is the vision that is created and coming together with another unique soul to find a creative moment to capture; it's truly magic and surreal when it happens. So, I always select my subjects based on his/her account and content. The main thing I look for is passion in their work along with a good esthetic/skill set. As long as I feel a creative flow in their work, I'm down to shoot on the NYC Subway. When it comes to the location, it's a matter of matching his/her look with a station or two. It’s really more of a intuitive decision at the end of the day. But, of course, I look at their profile then the map of the subway and think about all the stations that I have been to in order to make my final decision. But again, my gut ends up telling me which location to select. And with all my shoots, I arrive with at least 2-3 vision shots in my head. Sometimes these visions come solely through my thoughts/imagination and sometimes I refer to other photos through Pinterest. As the photographer, it’s extremely important to arrive to every photo shoot with a vision in mind so that there is no time sitting around trying to think of ideas. A creative flow needs to start right away which will breed confidence in both my subject and myself. The end goal is to find that creative flow and see where it takes us.

ballet dancer posing in a train station.

Mr. NYC Subway - Grand Central Dreaming - Model: @johannap.official.

feet of a ballet dancer in a subway station.

Mr. NYC Subway - On Point(e).

Which camera do you use?

A Canon 5D Mark IV with all Canon lenses (16-35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 70-200mm). My go to lens right now is the Canon 85mm 1.4.

man dressed as flash running.

Mr. NYC Subway - Flashman - Model: @trevorbell.

There is no getting around the themes of dancers and New York in your pictures.

What is the special attraction for you about this combination?

I love working with dancers because of their ability to dance and get lost in their art and self-expression. Once I communicate my vision and they start to dance, from there it becomes a creative flow, which is much easier to find than with say a model who is doing still positions. Dancing allows for one to get out of his/her mind and go to another space and the action shots always make for an interesting visual. It's not to say the same creative flow cannot be found with models or other types of talents, but the dancers definitely create a unique energy with their artistic movements and beautiful aesthetics (both men and women). Again, it's all about the creativity and finding that energy within each of my subjects. We all have creativity within us - it's what makes humans unique from all other species - it's just a matter of extracting it from each other!

woman posing on the ground of a subway station.

Mr. NYC Subway - True Character - Model: @phoebeopearl.

Where can you be found when you are not standing behind the camera?

I am doing photography part time as I have a full-time job as an in-house attorney for a financial firm. For the time being, it’s really the perfect balance for my lifestyle in NYC as I don’t have to put too much pressure on my art financially. With that said, I’m open to any possibility in the future, but I don’t want to have any expectations. My photography and social media accounts provide a great supplemental income from working with brands, modeling, selling my art, charging for photo shoots, getting paid through TikTok’s Creators Fund, holding photography workshops, and selling my content to news media outlets.

empire state building from the perspective of a subway exit.

Mr. NYC Subway - Empire State of Mind.

Why WhiteWall?

Almost since the beginning of my photography career (back in 2018), I started going to WhiteWall for the production of my photos. Juline (WhiteWall Store in New York) and I really created a strong bond and from there I have never looked back. The quality, professionalism, and reasonableness of costs have kept me a loyal customer to date!

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