Erik Chmil

WhiteWall Ambassador Profile

  • SPECIALTIES: Fine Art and Landscape

  • COUNTRY: Germany

As a native Rhinelander, Erik Chmil is driven by his interest in people and new places. Traveling, architecture, scenery, people, and silence impact his contract works but also his own projects. The recipe book and winner of multiple awards Joachim Wissler / JW4 and his first recipe book “SOLITUDE” reflect this variety of his journey. Pictures as snapshots of a perpetual story. Photography as a passion and profession – and a way of thinking outside of the box.

Portrait of Emil Chmil.


ERIK CHMIL - Porsche 911 - 2018, Art project.

How did you start your career as a photographer?

Through a friend who invited me to a photo course when I was 15 years old. Fortunately, this course involved photo shooting and printing. I was fascinated from the beginning by the possibility of converting and printing ourselves what we had seen and captured with our eyes and a camera. Turning our own inner eye into a black-and-white picture with a direct result has triggered my enthusiasm and, above all, my continuous learning process.


ERIK CHMIL - Personal project - 2017, Shanghai.

ERIK CHMIL - from the book project SOLITUDE - 2013, Hong Kong.

What are your sources of inspiration for your picture ideas?

Inspiration primarily comes from our own consciousness and awareness – influenced by nature, art, and architecture.

ERIK CHMIL - Seelenwanderung - 2019, Bächle 02.

Which camera do you use?

The digital, high-resolution medium format of a Phaseone is predominant in my art projects. In contract works, the theme determines the equipment, from a quite rigid Alpa up to the extremely flexible Sony. I generally like to work in the wide-angle range.


ERIK CHMIL - 2018.

Your variety of photographic themes immediately catches the eye. Is there a reason why you have not yet focused on a specific topic in contrast to many other professional photographers?

In any case my constant interest in new things and especially new, interesting people. I do not feel like moving in only one direction as the diverse aspects of photography are much too exciting for that.

Where can you be found when you are not behind a camera?

I enjoy being in nature with my family or alone – even in sports clothes and drenched with sweat. And absolutely in the kitchen or in front of a delicious meal… and good wine should not be missing either.


ERIK CHMIL - Open views - 2018, Lake Garda.

Why WhiteWall?

From the very beginning, I was fascinated by the commitment to quality at WhiteWall in addition to their constant effort to simplify processes, the supply chain and ordering options.

Product Recommendation: Floater frame

I am a big fan of acrylic finishing in a floater frame.

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