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  • SPECIALTIES: Fashion and Portrait Photography

  • COUNTRY: France

Mary Ruffinoni took a camera for the first time at a very early age, fourteen. This was followed after school by an apprenticeship in photography and a bachelor degree in marketing. Inspired by the glossy images from renowned fashion magazines and the social media presence of a wide variety of exciting photographers, she developed her very own take on fashion. Mary likes to create timeless and emotional images. She is inspired by female strength, beauty, and elegance. Therefore, very often you can find expressive, confident protagonists in her pictures.

Portrait of Mary Ruffinoni.
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MARY RUFFINONI - Vika Babskaya - 2019, Paris.

How did you start your career as a photographer?

It was somehow by chance that I got into photography when I was at school with my friends. At that time, it was just a hobby. After having obtained degrees in photography and marketing, my passion for photography was still growing, especially thanks to the countless fashion magazines that I collected. Also, when social media was born, I discovered new fashion photographers who inspired me a lot. It was therefore a very natural choice to do photography for a living.

MARY RUFFINONI - Delaney - 2019, Parc Monceau Paris.

MARY RUFFINONI - Vivianne - 2020, Paris.

What are your sources of inspiration for your picture ideas?

I am a very curious person and I love traveling. I get inspired in many ways: by a photo in a magazine, by a car passing by on the street, by a plant, by a documentary, by a clothing item, by light, by photos on social media: inspiration has no limit!

editorial shots of two women.

MARY RUFFINONI - Aude-Jane - 2020, Paris / - Tiffany - 2019, San Francisco.

Which camera do you use?

Since the age of 15, I have been a faithful user of Nikon, and my first camera was a gift from my parents. Today I work with a Nikon D850. Daylight is my preferred source of light, and this camera has an impressive ISO exposure that is very useful when there is not enough light for certain shootings. I mainly use the Nikkor 24-70mm /2.8 lens and also a Nikkor 70-200mm /2.8 and a Nikkor 50mm /1.4. Also, I own 3 D1 Profoto flashes for studio sessions.

editorial shots of two women.

MARY RUFFINONI - Mily - 2020, Faust Magazine / - Flora - 2020, Paris.

Especially in the fashion world, there are often more male photographers than female. As a woman, was it more difficult to assert yourself in this industry and, on the other hand, what were your advantages of photographing women in particular from a woman's point of view?

Although there are many more men in photography, I have never felt uncomfortable in this environment. Nowadays, a growing number of women have become accomplished professional photographers – an encouraging trend!

portrait of a woman.

MARY RUFFINONI - Stéphanie - 2020, Besançon.

I like to photograph women for many reasons. In particular, I like their dramatic expression, their body, hair, makeup, clothes, and the energy that flows when I am with them. I have a much more refined perception of the vibe that women radiate through the photos and I find them more mysterious. Women have long fought for gender equality and therefore it is important to me to show self-confident protagonists in front of my camera.

MARY RUFFINONI - Plume - 2019, Roussillon.

Where can you be found when you are not behind a camera?

When I am not taking photos you can find me on the phone or in front of my computer. I love creating and posting new content on social media. Nowadays, I find it essential to be present and active there as a creative professional, and I love it! But apart from technology, I enjoy spending time outdoors and with my loved ones.

portrait of a laughing woman.

MARY RUFFINONI - Fatou - 2020, Vogue Italy.

Why WhiteWall?

I heard about WhiteWall’s excellent reputation from other professionals and I was keen on testing them. First of all, they have a very large selection of printing papers, which I particularly like due to the fact that I am working on different projects. When I received my photos, I was really impressed by the quality of the prints and the material finishes as well by the reproduction of colors – which was exactly what I wanted. I absolutely trust WhiteWall, winner of the best photo lab worldwide award.

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