Spectacular fashion photography by Joachim Baldauf


Joachim Baldauf is considered one of the most influential German portrait and fashion photographers. Style and the individual are not conflicting motifs in his works; rather, he uses his camera to capture impressive compositions of people, fashion, objects, spaces, and colors. His images show what our cultural sphere has to offer in terms of beauty and character. With his innovative and visionary visual language, he has left his mark on magazines and campaigns, both nationally and internationally. In the Iridescent exhibition, Leica Galerie Munich is currently showcasing an exciting selection of his works - produced exclusively by WhiteWall.  

Joachim Baldauf Iridescent exhibition photo.

Shimmering worlds of imagery 

The title of the exhibition - Iridescent - refers to how a photograph can change depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Origin, gender, age, and social background also affect the subjective perception and evaluation of the motifs shown. Joachim Baldauf skillfully plays with these meta-perspectives in his works. His fashion photography, therefore, speaks a universally understood language.

Joachim Baldauf at the exhibition.

Produced and framed exclusively by WhiteWall

The opening of the exhibition was celebrated on July 20, 2023 with a vernissage in the presence of numerous guests. The WhiteWall team was also present in Munich, as all the prints shown were laminated behind acrylic and framed in the handmade Basel frame in “natural oak” at our photo lab near Cologne. Both Joachim Baldauf and the Leica Galerie Munich collaborated closely with our team on this project. Everyone was impressed by the outstanding quality of the final product.

Joachim Baldauf exhibition display.

Visit the exhibition in Munich 

Joachim Baldauf has won several awards, including Cover of the Year, Lead Award, Art Directors Club Award, and Distinctive Merit Award. The Berlin resident is co-editor of Vorn magazine as well as a teacher. Through October 4, 2023, visitors have the opportunity to experience Joachim Baldauf’s photographs in Munich. Admission is free. 

well attended exhibition Iridescent by Joachim Baldauf.