Successful Interior Photography - Tips from Chantal Weber

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

Round lamps hanging in a white room - © Chantal Weber.

The language of images used by WhiteWall Ambassador Chantal Weber is extremely rich. The Hamburg photographer has a feel for balanced image compositions and shows this through her fine lines. In addition to fashion and design photography, Weber specializes in the artificial staging of interiors. She gives some valuable tips in this tutorial.

Tip 1: Use the right lens

The focal length of the lens must be chosen in accordance with the size of the room. Very strong wide-angle lenses do initially distort the view, however, they can be optimized in image processing software - this can transform even smaller rooms into real space miracles.

Tip 2: Look for new perspectives

In order to show the size of a room to its advantage, it is better never to photograph straight walls. There are interesting angles that create a certain depth in the photo, such as the corners of the room. This makes the space appear larger and cozier. It is also worth changing the camera angle - a picture at eye level is not always the best solution.

Living room with black, white and blue elements - © Chantal Weber.

Tip 3: Use artificial light sources

The available daylight should be combined with additional light sources and supported with artificial light in the interior. This is how to best set the scene in the interior and achieve an ideal result.

Tip 4: Photograph details correctly

A location often offers many small details that can be captured in close-ups. A long focal length with an open aperture and a good choice of perspective is recommended for this. Individual objects remain in focus, while the space in the background blurs slightly. This can create a special atmosphere in the image.

Little table with flower standing on top - © Chantal Weber.

"Depending on the perspective, it may not be easy to find the best location due to the decor", explains Chantal Weber. It is often necessary to move the furniture or accessories to optimize the effect of the photo. "I always clear unnecessary things that nobody would miss out of the way. The tidier the room looks, the better the photo will be."

Tip 5: Be aware of the time of day

A good estimation of the time of day is a must - where is the sun? When is it too bright or too dark? Is a nighttime mood desired or should the space be flooded with sunlight? If these factors are taken into account, the perfect image language can be achieved. Chantal Weber has most of her photos laminated on aluminum mounting: "Photo printing on aluminum mounting is one of my favourites. I prefer this printing process because it is highly efficient. Despite the solid design, the details are highlighted, the look is glossy and rich in contrast." 

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