Picture Design with Passepartouts - Creating a fascinating Work of Art

Submitted by Andrea Bruchwitz

Couch in front of Passepartouts Images.

During the 16th century, works of art were finished with ink lines around their edges to increase their value, then gold borders and colored decorations were added - the hand-decorated French passepartout eventually achieved worldwide renown. To the present day, creative framing design is unthinkable without passepartout. It not only fits the work into the frame and focuses the view of the observer, it can also enhance the impact of the picture or lend it a totally new interpretation as a design element. There are no limits to the imagination - with Whitehall you can choose from seven different passepartout colors. With a bright passepartout, the pattern is brought to the forefront, with darker tones it recedes and the observer is encouraged to confront the work for longer. Passepartouts with haptic linen surfaces look especially elegant - in natural white, black or ivory.

Thick frame with a wide passepartout.

Countless design possibilities with multi-part passepartouts

The wide variety of variants that are possible with WhiteWall allows for avant-garde design, for example a small pattern with a large, extravagant passepartout - the flexible width from three to 30 centimeters makes countless variations possible.

Thin frame with an asymmetrical passepartout.

You can even play with an asymmetrical passepartout or an elegant white border in order to enhance the artistic effect.

Various passepartout width.

If you would like to present your picture with additional depth, you can combine two passepartouts - after uploading the image to the configurator simply select the '2nd passepartout' option.

Passepartout showcasing the protective technology.

High-quality material with protective function

The elegant passepartouts are made from non-acidic, highly light-resistant museum card and are custom-cut for each individual work. Cutting out at a 45° degree angle creates a lightly chamfered, decorative edge. In addition to the aesthetic design possibilities, the protective function should not be underestimated - for real photographic prints, the image colors are located in an emulsion layer which is highly hygroscopic for technical reasons, and therefore attracts water. If this layer comes directly into contact with the frame glass, the photo can stick upon contact with moisture. The passepartout prevents such damage by creating a space between the frame glass and the photograph. The work is reliably protected from UV rays by the framing - with WhiteWall, there are four different types of glass - matte or shiny even float glass, smash-proof acrylic glass or highly transparent Mirogard museum glass.

The perfect framing for every photographic genre

The handmade solid wood and aluminum frames are individually made in WhiteWall's joinery workshop. The bestseller 'Hamburg' is made from high-quality solid wood and has a sleek elegance - it comes in the colors brown, natural, black, white, walnut or cherry.

Close shot of a corner of an image with the "Wien" frame.

If you value modern classics, you should choose the line-rich 'Wien' frame, which is reminiscent of the architectural features of the Chicago School of the late 19th century. Geometric and architectonic images in particular make a stronger impression with this frame.

Close shot of a corner of an image with the "Bern" frame.

For more gloss, choose the 'Bern' frame, which harmonizes particularly well with portraits and still lifes with its round shape. The 'London' has a distinguished look - with its finely structured cantilever and ornamental edge, it gives the picture a special depth. There is a wide variety of frames available at WhiteWall - and the perfect finish for every passepartout creation!

Let your imagination run wild and design your own artwork with WhiteWall!

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