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Colin Czerwinski lives and works in the USA between South Carolina and New Jersey. His work has been published in numerous publications. He is the founder and art director of NOICE Magazine and has worked as a musician, tour photographer, and graphic designer for the band Vasudeva. According to his own statements, he is still figuring out what his life looks like and where it should go.

In the interview, he reveals to us why photography is almost like a compulsion for him, where he draws his inspirations from and what excites him most about his work with NOICE Magazine.

curved mirror portrait of Colin Czerwinski on a bike.


Can you tell us how you got into photography?

My dad would make home videos of my sister and me growing up on his video camcorder, and as I got older I started to mess around with it. Other than that, I always thought cameras were cool. I took photo classes in high school for 4 years and learned how to shoot film, and develop and print my negatives. The process was really fun. I’m glad that my base understanding of photography came from those years. 

On the left a white door leaning on a white painted wall and on the right detail of shattered glass.

Photo: Colin Czerwinski

Please share something about your images. What is your special interest? How do you choose the colors, composition, themes etc.? 

I think what draws my attention and interest the most is seeking out humor. It may not be obvious, but there’s something funny, or peculiar, to me in the way colors or elements work together naturally in a candid sort of manner. I pay attention to the way light is hitting an object because it makes whatever it is more interesting. Could be anything really, but the light I would say is the more important thing to me. No light, no colors. 

On the left a broken wood fence in front of a train which is partially painted red and on the right a plant with small red flowers peeking through a dense wooden fence.

Photo: Colin Czerwinski

Where does this interest come from?

I’m not quite sure. It’s like asking where thoughts come from or something. I’m just compelled to do it and I really enjoy the process of discovering myself through the medium.  

How do you get inspired? And what inspires you the most? This could be films, books or magazines or anything that surrounds you. 

I think running a photography publication (NOICE Magazine) really keeps me going. I enjoy seeing and curating the work there, which stems from my own style, or photography work. But, I enjoy taking photographs, noticing what works, and what doesn’t work, and getting excited about the good results that I get. It’s a fun, perpetual process.

Detail of a ships tip on green and blue water with light reflections.

Photo: Colin Czerwinski

What are your plans for the rest of the day? 

Getting my brake pads and rotors looked at on my car. I hope it won’t be too expensive. 

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