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For Ultimate Realism: The ultraHD Photo Prints

A photo print is only as good as the paper it is on. Fujifilm has created a new photo paper that meets the highest standards when it comes to definition and detail reproduction: Fuji Crystal Archive Maxima. Discover the future of photography now.

  • Revolutionary Developing Process

  • Extreme Resolution and Definition

  • Maximum Clarity and Realism

  • Increased Saturation and Luminosity

  • Brand-Name Photo Paper

  • Exact Custom Formats

Maximum Detail Density And Precise Contours With ultraHD Photo Prints

Those who strive for realism in photography will not want to miss the ultraHD Photo Prints from WhiteWall. Through our innovative exposure process, we succeed in optimally using all of an image file’s available information. With the newly conceived, high-gloss paper, Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima, the visual maximum density is increased an additional 10%.

Now even finer details can be reproduced, even in dark, shadowy parts of your photo. The absolute precision with which details are reproduced is clearly visible, even when looking from a very short distance.


Extreme Sharpness And The Highest Resolution: The WhiteWall UltraHD Photo Print

Modern cameras deliver image files with better and better resolution and less and less digital noise. These are significant advances in the ability to capture true-to-life images. To make them more visible in photos, WhiteWall has revolutionized the developing process. Our UltraHD Photo Prints on high-end New Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima paper bring even the minutest details to life, crystal clear and razor sharp. - Revolutionary exposure process using a solid-state laser - Paper is kept perfectly flat through climate-controlled storage - Image optimization software ensures the ultraHD printing process makes the most of every image

Conventional Photo PrintFuji Crystal DP II
ultraHD Photo PrintFuji Crystal DP Maxima

The Next Evolution In ultraHD Photo Prints From WhiteWall

There is a good reason why exposing images on light-sensitive photo paper is photography's classic printing method. It avoids halftones, meaning you will not see colored dots even when viewing your print up close. For the ultraHD photo prints, WhiteWall has refined the conventional exposure process to achieve a previously unattainable level of perfection. With our new photo paper – Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima – we have an opportunity to work even more precisely. Discover the unique advantages we are now able to offer thanks to the new paper from Fujifilm.

  • Over 10% more maximum density for deeper black with finer details

  • 21% more color space volume for more saturated and vivid colors

  • Increased light-resistance for longer-lasting, luminous color

Also available as an Acrylic ultraHD Photo Print or an ultraHD Photo Print On Aluminum Dibond.

close up of a ultraHD photo print on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima paper.

Your ultraHD Photo Print: Now With More Color Space Volume And Fade Protection

The revolutionary developing process increases the dynamic range and maximum density of your photo prints. Very bright and very dark areas can be reproduction more intensely and with greater differentiation than previously possible. With the new Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the volume of the color space has been increased an additional 21%. Darker and very saturated colors in particular are more brilliant and depicted with more detail. This means even extreme lighting conditions can be faithfully reproduced in our ultraHD Photo Print – a revolution in realistic photographs.

  • Even higher contrast through deeper black tones

  • Massive luminosity and light-resistance

  • A maximized dynamic range for more brightness gradations

  • Increased consistency in repeat productions

The improved light-resistance guarantees long-lasting colors, even if your picture is subjected to the modern LED spotlights that are becoming increasingly common in galleries and museums. Additionally, the lab conditions for our new process remain so constant, that it almost entirely precludes any deviations upon repeat orders.

close up of a ultraHD photo print on Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima paper.

Precise Custom Sizes

At WhiteWall, we make UltraHD Photo Prints on Professional Archive Maxima High-Gloss Paper in more than just standard sizes. We’ll make them to your exact specifications. Select from our preset sizes from miniature to extra-large or set your own aspect ratio and dimensions. You can even customise the shape of the corners.

  • Minimum size: 9 x 9 cm (3.5 x 3.5 in.)

  • Maximum size: 240 x 122 cm (94.5 x 48 in.)

several ultraHD photo prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Maxima paper in frames hanging on a wall.

Maximum Detail Density And Precise Contours With ultraHD Photo Prints

With numerous frames in many different materials and styles, you can put the finishing touch on your UltraHD Photo Print. Choose the perfect colour and, if you like, a complementing mat board to set a powerful accent. The exclusive frames from WhiteWall come equipped with secure hanging hardware that works in both portrait and landscape orientation. 

ultraHD photo print on Fuji Crystal Archive Maxima paper in a solid wood passe-partout frame.