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Looking for the perfect way to show off your favourite photos? Our Sample Packs can help you make up your mind! Order your WhiteWall Sample Pack now - shipping is free! A promo code for £10 off your first order is included in the price. You can find the code right on the delivery slip.

Please note that the following sample sets are currently not available. We are working on offering them again as soon as possible.

Product Assortment Sample Pack
Prints Sample Pack
Aluminium Sample Pack
Acrylic Glass Sample Pack
Sample Pack Digital Print Photobook

Digital Print Photo Book Sample Pack

Would you like to experience our product selection before ordering your Photo Book? Our Photo Book sample pack lets you compare our high-quality papers and find the perfect cover options for your project. This Sample Pack is 15 x 15 cm.

    Cover Options
  • Softcover Glossy
  • Softcover SoftTouch Matte
  • Hardcover Glossy
  • Hardcover SoftTouch Matte
  • Printed Linen
  • Linen (Silver grey, Ivory, Dark blue and Black)
  • Leather (Light brown, Dark brown, Dark blue and Black)

  • Papier Options
  • Standard Silk Matte 170g/m²
  • Premium Silk Matte Paper 250g/m²
  • Premium with Glossy Finish 250g/m²
  • Premium Matte Uncoated 170g/m²

  • Endpapers
  • Book End Paper White
  • Book End Paper Black
£ 19.95

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There are no words or logos on the product samples. That’s perfect for me as a photographer because I can use them to help my clients find the perfect product to suit their needs.

Discover WhiteWall Product Sample Packs – Effectively Free

The right photo printing options can determine whether or not a picture achieves its full potential. But how can you get a feel for the appearance, surface, and texture of the products before placing an order? With our Sample Packs for each product category! No matter if you want an Acrylic Print, Metal Print, or simple photo prints, you can form a solid impression of how your picture will look and feel before placing an order. These are also a great way for professional photographers to present printing options to their clients.

Acrylic Glass Sample Pack

Professional photographer Dennis Heck specialises in wedding photography tried out the new sample pack and used it to create a sample portfolio for his customers. “Many couples want their favourite shot made into a really large work of art mounted under acrylic,” Heck says. “The samples let me show them the difference between 2 mm (1/16 in.) and 6 mm (1/4 in.) acrylic.”

Prints and Photo Prints

After the big day and the excitement of the ceremony, Dennis Heck talks to the happy couple about which photo paper would be best for which shots. “It makes a massive difference if you use Fuji Crystal DP II in matte or silk. Most of the time, the couples aren’t aware of the subtle differences.” The WhiteWall Sample Pack contains 15 high-quality photo papers with different finishes that lets Heck’s customers make their own very informed decisions.

Metal Sample Pack

For a modern look or for certain weather conditions, Dennis Heck prefers aluminium mounting. “When one of my customers was redoing a balcony, she wanted to hang a large-format picture of her wedding reception there. I advised her to try a weather-resistant HD Metal Print,” Heck explains. The piece is resistant to water and changes in the weather.

“The new Sample Pack is incredibly helpful for making decisions,” says the passionate photographer. “I can hold the products in my own hands, run my fingers over the edges – that’s how I make informed decisions about the best printing and mounting choices!”

The shipping for the Sample Packs 11 x 11 cm (approx. 4 ¼”) is free, and the price includes a £10 WhiteWall Gift Certificate, making the Sample Pack effectively free!