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Design your WhiteWall photo calendar for 2024 now

At WhiteWall, you can create a Photo Calendar of unforgettable moments. Including the cover, there are 13 pages to present your best photographs. Celebrate an anniversary throughout the year, relive fond wedding memories, or create perfect gifts for your favourite clients. Using outstanding, brand-name paper and meticulous printing techniques, we meet professional standards with our wall calendars. Customize our calendar templates to your tastes with the design function.

  • High Resolution Inkjet Print

  • 4 brand-name papers + FineArt paper

  • 12 Different Sizes

  • Modern Design Layouts

  • Easy to Design Online

  • DIN Formats from A5 to A2

Photo Calendars in WhiteWall Quality: A Whole Year of Beautiful Memories Starting at the Month of Your Choice

With WhiteWall, you can create a Photo Calendar of unforgettable memories. With 13 pages including the cover, you can: display your best photographs, celebrate someone special all year round, reflect on memories from your wedding, or have perfect gifts made for clients. With the outstanding, brand-name papers and meticulous printing process we use, these wall calendars even meet the expectations of professionals. When you create your calendar online, you can find the paper that perfectly complements your images and layout. Choose from our favourites:

Close up of the photo paper.
Close up of the photo paper.
Close up of the photo paper.
Close up of the photo paper.
Close up of the photo paper.
Premium silk matte paper

A robust paper with a silk matte look that meets high standards

Natural paper

Paper for gentle colours and a glare-free look

Premium paper with glossy finish

A silk lustre paper with luminous colours and powerful contrasts

Textured paper

A fine paper with a classic handmade texture and soft appearance

FineArt matte uncoated

Only available for Photo Calendar XXL

Photo Calendar XXL FineArt: The Large Format For Professional Requirements

You are looking for the largest calendar format on the market without compromising on quality for your photos? In this case, our new XXL FineArt calendar is just right for you. The FineArt speciality paper is matte and has a subtly textured surface. A special primer treatment ensures a pleasantly coarse feel and the increased paper volume (320 g/m²) makes the calendar particularly stable in spite of the XXL format. Available in portrait or landscape format, the FineArt calendar ensures an artful presentation of your photos. 

  • Uncoated matte FineArt paper with a volume of 320 g/m²

  • Matte, subtly textured surface

  • In portrait format (65 x 46 cm (25,5 x 18,1 in.)) and landscape format (46 x 65 cm (18,1 x 25,5 in.))

  • Extraordinary format for professional photo projects

A calendar with a black and white motif of a woman embracing a young girl hangs on the wall of an office.

Create a Photo Calendar in the Format You Want

To make sure your photographs have the intended effect in your wall calendar, you can choose from 12 different format options. No matter if you opt for A5, A4, A3, A2, XXL, no matter if you prefer portrait or landscape orientation, or no matter if you want a square calendar – we will realize your vision precisely.

  • 12 formats to choose from

  • Sizes range from small to very large

  • Portrait or landscape orientation

  • Two square sizes: 21 x 21 cm (8,2 x 8,2 in.) and 29.7 x 29.7 cm (11,6 x 11,6 in.)

  • Large landscape-format panorama: 59.4 x 30 cm (23,3 x 11,8 in.)

  • FineArt Photo Calendar XXL in portrait format (65 x 46 cm (25,5 x 18,1 in.)) and landscape format (46 x 65 cm (18,1 x 25,5 in.))

Various calendars in different formats hang on a wall.

Premium Digital Print Photo Calendars

WhiteWall owes the impressive quality of its premium digital prints to the latest technology and techniques. We print your personalised Photo Calendar with great care and high resolution, so that we can guarantee crisp details, true colours, and luminosity.

Close up of a calendar.

Professional Design for Your Wall Calendar

To do justice to your creativity and expectations, we have developed different design templates for you to simply and easily design your own Photo Calendar. From classical elegance to modern, they are always stylish and aesthetically pleasing. The number of photographs and which page they appear on is entirely up to you. Select the calendar style you want, the starting month, a complementary font, and an individual background to brighten up the whole year for you and others. Select the calendar style you want, add text in a fitting font, and customise the background. The spiral binding comes in three colours: black, white, or silver. Create your personal Photo Calendar now and give yourself or someone special a whole year of joy!

Photo Calendar LayoutsExklusive Kalendarium-Layouts
Startmonat frei wählbar
Individuell und einfach anpassbar
Photo Calendar Spiral BindingA minimal and modern aesthetic
Spiral binding comes in three colours: black, white, or silver

Personalize Your Calendar with the Innovative Design Function

Using the new design function, you can now customize your calendar to suit your photos. Every calendar template can be customized more than ever before. You can keep the year, months, day of the week and date consistent, or vary them creatively. Draw on over 90 different fonts and adjust the size and color while designing each month. Use an abundance of options to make the best of your photos.

Three calendars with the month of May in different fonts lie on top of each other.
A screenshot shows the editing of a calendar in the configurator.

Quick, Easy, Online: Designing Your Photo Calendar

With our modern software, you can create your personal wall calendar in no time flat. Add your favourite photos to your selected layout directly through the website. Add comments or personal notes, and adjust the templates as necessary for your calendar’s format. That’s it! Your custom calendar is finished.

It's easy to pick up editing right where you left off.

  • Saved Photo Calendars will be available in your WhiteWall account for 90 days.

  • Photo Calendars you have ordered will be saved in your account for 90 days.

A laptop on which a calendar is being edited in the configurator stands on a table.

Personalised calendar

What is special about a personalised calendar from WhiteWall?

With WhiteWall, you can create an online calendar from your own photos. With over 12 sizes and five premium papers to choose from, as well as numerous design options, WhiteWall makes it possible to create a completely unique photo calendar.

How can I order a personalised calendar?

You can create a photo calendar online via an intuitive interface. First choose your options, then upload your favorite photos and select your photos page by page. Then add colored backgrounds or texts to personalize your calendar.

What are the delivery times for a personalised calendar?

You will receive your personalized calendar with photos within approximately eight days.

What are the options for customizing a photo calendar?

Many options are available for your personalised calendar with photos. For your print, you can choose from five premium papers and 12 formats, including an exceptional large format on Fine Art paper. Each paper has specific characteristics and are specifically suited to certain types of designs. You also have many customization options, such as predefined designs, fonts and colored backgrounds.

In which sizes and formats can I create and print a photo calendar?

You have a choice of 12 formats for your calendar creations: DIN formats, from A5 to A2, in portrait or landscape version or square 21 x 21 cm (8,2 x 8,2 in.) and 29.7 x 29.7 cm (11,6 x 11,6 in.) or in panorama format: 59.4 x 30 cm (23,3 x 11,8 in.) with FineArt paper, enjoy an exceptional format either in portrait (65 x 46 cm (25,5 x 18,1 in.)) or landscape (46 x 65 cm (18,1 x 25,5 in.)).

Is it possible to get advice before ordering my photo calendar?

Of course! Before placing your order, you can contact our advisers by e-mail or telephone or go to one of our stores to discuss your options with our experts and see the different types of photo calendars available. 

Can I use photo taken with a smartphone to create of photo calendar?

Nowadays, you can create high-quality photos with a smartphone. However, please check the resolution because if the format is too large, your photo might be pixelated. 

Why should I choose WhiteWall to print my personalised calendar?

WhiteWall offers unique know-how in terms of printing, guarantees high-quality papers and ensures a perfect result for your photo calendar. In 2020, WhiteWall was awarded "Best Photo Lab" for the third time by the TIPA Awards for the quality of its products. Only WhiteWall offers exceptional product quality, made-to-measure formats and a wide range of customization options. Last but not least, WhiteWall offers expert advice, guaranteeing the best possible service at all times.