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Portrait, Landscape or Square


Inkjet printing or photographic printing

Download ICC colour profile for softproof

Dear WhiteWall customer,

Discover the WhiteWall Coffee Table Book: with high-quality materials, new design software and uncompromising quality. The WhiteWall Coffee Table Book is an enhancement of our previous photo books.

Please note that our previous photo books could only be ordered until 30.09.2021. From now on, we exclusively offer the new WhiteWall Coffee Table Book.

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Impressive: the WhiteWall Coffee Table Book

Professional photographers use coffee table books to create an exclusive presentation of their best work. Elaborate art books have long since become design objects in their own right, stylish eye-catchers on coffee tables or shelves, but also a source of inspiration for all those who are enthusiastic about photography. Show off your photographs in this high-quality photo book. The WhiteWall Coffee Table Book offers your photos plenty of room to breathe as well as the perfect finish – making the perfect impression.

Inkjet printing or photographic printing

Five classic large formats

Six premium papers to choose from

Online, offline or as a PDF upload

Exact ICC profiles for softproofs

Pure design: no logo or barcode

The new WhiteWall Coffee Table Book
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Large format coffee table book: more space for photos

Acrylic glass pictures with a solid aluminium Dibond backing are very sturdy. The timeless design of photos on glossy acrylic is suitable for presentations of any type and meets the highest professional requirements.

1Portfolio A3 Portrait

27 x 35,6 cm

2Portfolio A3 Landscape

38,2 x 29 cm

3Gallery Square

29 x 29 cm

4Exhibition A4 Portrait

20,5 x 27 cm

5Exhibition A4 Landscape

27 x 20,5 cm


Long-lasting and sturdy: the hardcover coffee table book

A hardcover gives your coffee table book an especially elegant look. We produce the cover from durable, 3mm thick cardboard, printed according to your individual specifications. Two types of finishes are available: glossy for strong contrasts and vibrant colors, or satin matt with a soft feel and authentic effect.

  • Hardcover glossy

  • Hardcover silk-matt

Hardcover glossyundefined
Hardcover silk-mattundefined

First-class photo papers and binding solutions for your coffee table book

With six exquisite branded papers, the best qualities on the market are available to you for your coffee table book. To create a classic book cover, we use modern inkjet printing and elastic glue binding for high-quality inkjet papers. The innovative Fuji photo papers use a traditional photographic printing method. Here, a layflat binding reduces the fold to a minimum and is ideal for large-format photographs on double pages.

Glossy - Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife Gloss200 g/m², max. 200 pages
Silk-matt - Inapa Galaxi Art Samt170 g/m², max. 200 pages
High gloss - Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife Gloss200 g/m² plus glossy finish, max. 200 pages
Glossy - Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy382 g/m², max. 112 pages
Silk-matt - Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre368 g/m², max. 112 pages
Deep matt - Fuji Crystal Archive Velvet370 g/m², max. 112 pages

Refined endpaper

Pure design: We use high-quality Fedrigoni uncoated paper (170 g/m²) in black or white as the endpaper for your coffee table book with inkjet photo printing.

White endpaper
Black endpaper
Elegant inside covers

We use the selected photo paper in black or white as the inside cover for photographic printing the WhiteWall coffee table book.

White inside covers
Black inside covers

Design your WhiteWall Coffee Table Book

Online in the browser

Design directly in the browser and save it securely online

With a software download

Convenient software download for extensive projects.

As a PDF upload

Professional upload as a PDF file with convenient InDesign templates.

What is a WhiteWall coffee table book?

The new WhiteWall coffee table book is an enhanced advancement and replacement of the WhiteWall photo book. Even more attention has been placed on the material and high-end manufacturing quality, resulting in a product that meets the expectations and needs of professional and passionate photographers to the highest levels. WhiteWall gives all those who love photography the perfect opportunity to create their coffee table books.

How can I create a WhiteWall coffee table book?

There are still 3 possible options for creating your high-quality photo book:

Option 1: Create your coffee table book via our new online editor. You do not need any additional software. You can save your progress for up to 90 days (extendable if needed) and even share a preview with friends and family.

Option 2: You can also create your professional coffee table book offline using a software download. This option is especially suitable for more extensive projects. The program is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Option 3: The PDF upload function allows full flexibility for professionals. There are also templates for Adobe InDesign users.

What formats are offered for WhiteWall coffee table books?

At WhiteWall you can have your coffee table book printed in 5 possible formats. The "Exhibition" format corresponds approximately to a DIN A4 format with 20.5 x 27 cm and is available in portrait and landscape formats. The ""Portfolio"" format is the right size for impressive works. It corresponds approximately to the DIN A3 format with 27 x 35.6 cm in portrait format and 38.2 x 29 cm in landscape format. In addition, there is also the "Gallery" square, a professional photo book in square format in a size of 29 x 29 cm.

What options are available for WhiteWall coffee table books?

For creating your high-quality photo book, there are selected options available in the premium sector. Choose from 6 professional paper types from the brands Fuji, Fedrigoni or Inapa with different finishes – select your favorite finish for your works. You can also choose from a matt or glossy hardcover, a variety of endpapers and either classic book binding or layflat binding with photo paper, where the coffee table book opens flat, visually eliminating the fold.

How many pages can a WhiteWall coffee table book contain?

Depending on the format, you can design your WhiteWall coffee table book with up to 200 pages. Variants with photo paper can be produced with 28 to 112 pages or in Portfolio A3 landscape format with up to 100 pages. Inkjet coffee table books can be produced with 28 to 200 pages. Pages can be added in increments of 4 pages.

What are the delivery times for the coffee table book?

The total delivery and production time for WhiteWall's professional coffee table book is approximately 6 business days.

How long will my coffee table book be stored online? Can the coffee table book be reprinted?

If you design your coffee table book in the online editor, it will be saved for 90 days. This period can be extended as often as you like for another 90 days by opening the project a second time and saving it again. A finished WhiteWall coffee table book can be reordered as long as the project is saved in your account. When configurations are created using a PDF or software, the files are saved locally on your PC. As long as you do not delete the files, they will remain accessible to you.

Is there a barcode or label on the coffee table book?

With WhiteWall, you can create your professional coffee table book without any barcodes or logos on your cover that may interfere with your design. This helps you achieve your vision exactly the way you imagined it.

What is the difference between the WhiteWall coffee table book and the WhiteWall photo book?

The WhiteWall coffee table book has raised the quality of the WhiteWall photo book to a new level. The development was based on the expectations and demands of photographers when it comes to coffee table books. Building on this concept, options such as paper, formats and configuration possibilities were concentrated on the essentials in order to be able to raise the production and material quality accordingly. In addition, as compared to the WhiteWall photo book, the WhiteWall coffee table book now offers even more flexibility for designing your work. Whereas previously only 12 or 16 pages could be added or removed from the photo book, it is now also possible to do this in 4-page increments with the coffee table book.

Why should I have my coffee table book printed at WhiteWall?

WhiteWall has unique expertise and guarantees you a professional coffee table book of the highest quality. WhiteWall was awarded ""Best Photo Lab"" for the fourth time at the TIPA Awards 2021 thanks to the high quality of its products. Only WhiteWall offers you the best quality and an impressive variety of options, emphasizing what makes each individual image special. The end result is a coffee table book that captures your best work on elegant paper – in a quality that meets gallery standards. Our individual customer service helps us find the ideal solution for every question you may have when creating your WhiteWall coffee table book.