Order a coffee table book via a PDF upload

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PDF upload: professional coffee table book design

WhiteWall offers you maximum design freedom with the possibility of ordering your coffee table book via a PDF upload. All professional design software such as Adobe InDesign®, Affinity Publisher®, QuarkXPress® and Co. can be used to create the layout. All specifications are implemented precisely during the printing process and reorders for individually designed coffee table books are possible at any time.

Broad selection, simple process: coffee table books via a PDF upload

  • Design the cover, format, paper and all other features of the coffee table book according to your own imagination.

  • In the next step, you will be shown the exact inside and outside dimensions, including bleed, as well as other specifications for the design of your coffee table book.

  • When you are finished with the design, upload your coffee table book as a PDF to WhiteWall.


Printing specifications: the foundation for perfect coffee table books

Create the cover and inside pages of your coffee table book separately as individual PDFs. Please note that the inside pages should be designed as individual pages. To achieve all the specifications perfectly during printing, the file needs to be available in the sRGB color space and may not exceed 1 GB for the inside pages and 250 MB for the cover.

You can find more information in our User Guide.


Simply professional: InDesign templates and job options

If you use Adobe InDesign, WhiteWall supports you by providing convenient templates. After choosing your desired format, paper, cover and number of pages, we automatically provide an InDesign template with the appropriate dimensions and bleed areas. Manual input is no longer necessary. Ensure error-free PDF exports with job options that automatically set the correct default settings.