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The origin of photography

The fascination of black and white photography is still widespread almost 200 years after the first photograph was taken and preserved. The 1826 photograph by Joseph Nicéphone Niépces "La cour du domaine du Gras" is as timeless as black and white photography itself. Color has been a part of photography for decades, but to this day, black and white photography remains unique as an art form. Contrasts, lines, emotions, the interplay of light and shadow – monochrome pictures are captivating both in analog and digital photography with their concentration on the essentials.

The first photograph from 1826 by Joseph Nicéphone Niépces "La cour du domaine du Gras".
"Black and white takes me back to my beginnings. That's what I love."Phil Penman, WhiteWall AmbassadorTo the interview
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"Black and white images have this unique ability – both soothing and dramatic at the same time."Natalie Oberg, ArtistTo the interview
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"Black and white photography is the perfect tool to convey emotion in a very subtle way."Alexandre Souêtre, Creative DirectorTo the interview
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