Acrylic Glass Stand

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Glossy Acrylic Glass Photo Stand In Premium Quality

The WhiteWall acrylic stands make your photo an eye-catcher. No fuss and it can stand anywhere. The glossy acrylic enhances the image’s colors and gives it a sense of depth. With various photo stand options and a timeless design, it matches any decor.

  • Brand-Name Photo Paper

  • Acrylic Glass Mounting

  • Robust Aluminium Dibond Backing

  • Elastic Silicone Seal

  • Different Stand Options with Timeless Designs

  • Customisable Gift

Presenting Your Photo With An Acrylic Glass Photo Stand

Presenting Your Photo With An Acrylic Glass Photo Stand
Acrylic Glass Stand - Composition

Display Your Picture Anywhere In A WhiteWall Acrylic Stand

The shatterproof acrylic glass, temperature-resistant silicone, and aluminum Dibond backing guarantee a long lifespan for your picture. The three-layered backing provides stability, and the elastic silicone seal means the mounting is durable and bubble-free.


    Acrylic glass, 1/16 in. (2 mm), 1/8 in. (4 mm) or 1/4 in. (6mm) thick

  • 2PAPER

    Photo print & elastic silicone seal


    Robust aluminium Dibond backing

Brand-Name Paper For Your Acrylic Photo Stand

To highlight the fine details and the contrasts of your image, we expose photos traditionally, develop them chemically, and subsequently mount them behind glossy acrylic glass for your photo stand. We use top-quality, brand-name paper: Fuji Crystal DP II.

Fuji Crystal DP II

Elegant Stands With Glossy Acrylic Glass

Thanks to its low weight and resistance to breaking, crystal clear acrylic glass is the perfect material for your photo stand. Glossy acrylic ensures intensified colors and an appearance of enhanced depth. Choose from three thicknesses. Perfect for your own pictures or photo gifts.

1/16 in. (2 mm) thickness, glossy or matte:Subtle depth and intense, luminous colours
4 mm (1/8 in.) ACRYLIC GLASSIdeal for gallery exhibition
6 mm (1/4 in.) ACRYLIC GLASSMaximum 3D effect
Close-up of aluminum backing for the acrylic glass print with reference arrows 1,2, 3 and 4.

An Aluminum Dibond Backing For Your Picture Stand

We back your acrylic picture stand with aluminum Dibond. This material consists of two aluminum layers sandwiched around a black synthetic core and a white back. It is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.

  • 1LAYER

    Aluminium layer

  • 2CORE

    Black polyethylene core

  • 3LAYER

    Aluminium layer


    Neutral white

Acrylic Glass Photo Stands: Customized Small Formats

We make the acrylic glass photo stand for you in a landscape or portrait format, as a square or a panorama. Choose your preferred format from the possible sizes for customised photo stands and perfect gifts.

  • Available sizes: from 9 x 9 cm (3.5 x 3.5 in.) to 25 x 25 cm (9.8 x 9.8 in.)

Acrylic glass stand in different formats.

High Stability With Three Different Stand Options For Your Acrylic Picture

With our different stand options, you can tailor your acrylic mounted photo to its intended surroundings. Like our Acrylic Block, the Acrylic Glass Stand stands freely on any flat surface.

Chrome-Plated Brass Feet

Two chrome brass feet positioned in the corners

Small Acrylic Foot

Centered along the bottom, comes in two sizes (only available for the 2mm acrylic glass variant)

Metal Foot

Centered along the bottom, comes in two sizes (only available for the 2mm (1/16 in.) acrylic glass variant)

Keep Memories Of Proud Moments Close: Acyrlic Stands Fit On Any Desk

You best friend finally gets that promotion, your youngest is off to school, your oldest completes his apprenticeship. There will always be people and moments that simply have to be eternalised – and should find a place of honour for everyone to admire: A group picture of all the colleagues in the department for your friend’s new desk to boost team spirit, a photo of proud junior with his certificate for his first apartment and of course a snapshot of your little one that is growing up so quickly. Table stands in acrylic glass always look great – and the various stand options are very affordable and are a great gift idea, just like the free-standing acrylic block.

Big Moments, Big Photo Prints: Acrylic Products In XXL Formats

No matter how big the moment, WhiteWall has the right format for picture perfection: Original photo prints under glossy or matt acrylic glass are our flagship products. Our favorite for large and small formats is acrylic glass with a thickness of 4 mm (1/8 in.). Crisp details, brilliant colors, and fascinating depth – we supply professional photographers for their exhibitions in galleries and continue to receive high praise and test wins. In terms of price-performance, we feel that it is very important to make our products accessible for non-professionals as well. Go ahead and compare: We are certain that in the end you will decide in favour of WhiteWall.

Gift Certificates And Acrylic Desk Stands: The Gift Of Choice Brings People Together

Once junior is ready to go out into the world with a professional certificate in hand, he might decide to live just about anywhere – and that can often be quite far away. What present do you give a young man, whom you hardly ever see any more and who prefers purist interiors? Probably not a poster board with pictures from your last holidays together as a family. The best gift you can give is space – space for his own ideas and memories. How about a gift certificate from WhiteWall – and have a look at what he chooses. It might just be an oversized original photo print under acrylic glass of the light show over the tents at the last electronic music festival. Or maybe an acrylic stand with the picture of his new girlfriend.