Solid Wood Frame With Passe-Partout

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Gallery Frame With Passe-Partout

Present your favourite images with traditional, sophisticated mats and classic wooden frames. Use the different materials, colours, and formats that are available to design a harmonious presentation that complements the colours of your photo print – all with just a few clicks in the WhiteWall configurator.

Traditional Gallery Presentation

Large Selection of Frames

10 Passe-Partout Mats

Numerous Papers to Choose from

4 Types of Glass

Custom Sizes and Formats

Your Photo In A Passe-Partout Frame

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The Solid Wood Frame: Multiple Models, Widths, And Colours

Strengthen your picture’s impact by selecting a fitting frame and colour. When selecting your frame, think about the interplay between the image and frame. Portraits, landscapes, and organic textures can be accented with rounder, more natural frames, whereas technical or architectural images become more alluring in frames with straight edges. Select the frame that best fits your style and photos, or make a bold statement through deliberate contrast. The choice is yours!

Hamburg, 20 mm (0,78 in.)

Black matt

Vienna, 27 mm (1,06 in.)

Black matt

London, 65 mm (2,55 in.)

Black matt

Certified Museum Card In Different Colours For Single Mats

Our passe-partouts are made from the finest, non-acidic, fade-resistant museum card stock – guaranteed to be free of wooden fibres. These mounts are produced with a bevelled edge and then set flush against the images. A total of 7 attractive passe-partout colours are available for you to choose from.

  • Material: Hahnemühle museum card or linen

  • Width: 3 - 30 cm (1,18 - 11,8 in.)

  • Thickness: Museum card is 1.4 mm (0,05 in.) thick, Linen passe-partouts are 2 mm (1/16 in.) thick


1,4 mm (0,05 in.)

Natural white

1.4 mm (0,05 in.)


1.4 mm (0,05 in.)

Light gray

1.4 mm (0,05 in.)

Dark gray

1.4 mm (0,05 in.)


1.4 mm (0,05 in.)


1.4 mm (0,05 in.)

Linen natural white

2 mm (1/16 in.) (temporarily not available)

Linen ivory

2 mm (1/16 in.)

Linen black

2 mm (1/16 in.) (temporarily not available)

Our Different Photo Paper Options

All the photo papers we use at WhiteWall won us over with their bright, rich colours; sharp, detailed reproduction; and longevity. While they are different, they do all live up to the highest standards. All you have to do is decide which of these premium products is right for your image.

TorchonHahnemühle Torchon
William TurnerHahnemühle William Turner
Photo RagHahnemühle Photo Rag
FineArt PearlHahnemühle FineArt Pearl
FineArt BarytaHahnemühle FineArt Baryta
Fuji Crystal DP II[1] silk [2] matte [3] glossy [4] velvet finishing
Fuji Flex high-glossHigh gloss: accent your image's depth
Kodak Pro Endura[1] glossy [2] matte
Metallic ultraHDHigh-Gloss Fuji Crystal Pearl Paper For Metallic ultraHD Photo Prints
Ilford S/W[1] glossy [2] matte
Ilford Baryta PaperRich Contrasts For Artistic Photographs

Four Glass Options To Perfectly Complement Your Image

We offer four varieties of frame glass to ensure that your photos stand out the way you want. While glossy float glass is a classic for gallery-like presentations, the matte version eliminates distracting glare. Acrylic glass, on the other hand, is lighter and shatter-proof. The non-reflective Mirogard museum glass by Schott is arguably the highest-quality frame glass for art presentations.

Glossy Float GlassCompletely harmonious surface, no bubbles or impurities
Matte Float GlassPrevents distracting reflections
Glossy Acrylic GlassSurprisingly light and shatterproof
Mirogard Museum GlassHigh-quality glass for exhibiting art

Create A Custom Passe-Partout Frame

Our Solid Wood Frame With Passe-Partout is especially suited to portraits, small landscapes, cityscapes, and black-and-white photographs. This medium is breathtaking when arranged to create a “gallery wall,” a collection of small and medium-sized pictures hung close to each other in order to create one larger, vibrant composition.

  • Minimum size: 10 x 10 cm (3,9 x 3,9 in.)

  • Maximum size: 110 x 70 cm (43 x 27 in.)

An Integrated Hanging System Comes Standard

WhiteWall delivers your passe-partout frame ready-to-hang. You can add it to your collection as soon as you remove its secure packaging, thanks to pre-mounted, metallic hanging elements integrated into the frame.

Matted Frame - All the answers to your questions

What is special about matted frames from WhiteWall?

WhiteWall offers to print and frame your photo under glass with a wooden frame and a museum card stock border with adjustable widths according to your wishes, all custom-made in the workshop located next to the photo lab. 

What is special about matted frames from WhiteWall?

WhiteWall offers to print and frame your photo under glass with a wooden frame and a museum card stock border with adjustable widths according to your wishes, all custom-made in the workshop located next to the photo lab. 

How can I order a picture frame with border?

It is very easy to order online. Just upload the photo and select the paper, framing and border options in the configurator. Then place your design in the cart.

What are the delivery deadlines for matted frames?

You will receive your matted picture frame in about 11 working days.

What options are available for a picture frame with border?

Several options are available for your matted frame. For printing, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality papers. Each paper has specific characteristics and are specifically suited to certain types of designs. Finally, for framing, you can choose from a wide range of wooden frames. Each model of frame is available in several colors. You can also select the width of the frame. For the border, you can also choose from a wide range of colors and adjust the width. For example, you can select the width of each individual border. Finally, for framing under glass with a border, you can choose from four different types of glass.

What sizes and formats are available for matted picture frames?

You can print your framed photo in a small or large format. Standard formats are available: square, 2:3, 3:4, DIN, panorama or you can select your format for customized printing. The maximum possible image size for your matted framed photo under glass is 110 x 70 cm (43 x 27 in.).

Is it possible to receive advice before I order my matted frame?

Of course! Before placing your order, you can contact our advisers by e-mail or telephone or go to one of our stores to discuss your options with our experts and see the different types of matted frames. 

Can I use photo taken with a smartphone to order a matted picture frame?

Nowadays, you can create high-quality photos with a smartphone. However, please check the resolution because if the format is too large, your photo might be pixelated. In general, pictures from smartphones do not pose a problem for small and medium formats, however you will not be able to order very large formats. After uploading your photo, the configurator will suggest a format size taking into account the settings of your photo.