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Photo Print On Aluminium Backing

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Your Photo As A Print On Aluminium Dibond: Timeless Design And High Durability

Top quality brand-name photo papers, modern laser exposure, and traditional development ensure perfect results. A long-lasting, gallery-ready piece is created with an aluminium Dibond backing and a UV protective laminate.

Your Photo Mounted On Aluminium Dibond

UV Protective Laminate

Matte or Glossy

Sturdy at Every Size

Gallery Quality Presentation

Accurate Detail Reproduction

Your Photo As An Original Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond

Pictures As Photo Prints On Aluminium Dibond: Quality For Any Image

With no glazing, an Original Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond has a purist look. Aluminium Dibond is a 3 mm-thick composite material with three layers. Two white-coated aluminium plates enclose a black polyethylene core. Viewed from the sides, the material appears black. Although it is extremely robust, aluminium Dibond has a low weight, meaning it is also perfect for large-format pieces. You photo print is laminated with a thin film for protection and mounted on the aluminium Dibond without any bubbles.

order Photo Print on Aluminium Backing Matte Or Glossy Surface
  1. Photo print with UV protective laminate
  2. Aluminium sheet
  3. Black polyethylene core
  4. Aluminium sheet
Original Photo Print on Aluminium Backing - Fuji Crystal DP II Photo paper

Fuji Crystal DP II

Classic paper for all types of images and various contrast levels.

Original Photo Print on Aluminum Backing with Kodak Pro Endura Photo paper

Kodak Pro Endura

Premium paper for extra-saturated colors and a warm base tone.

Original Photo Print on Aluminium Backing with Ilford B/W

Ilford B/W

For black-and-white photography. Fade-resistant, deep contrasts, and accurate grey scales.

Original Photo Print on Aluminium Backing - Fuji Crystal DP II Photo paper

Glossy Surface

Unobtrusive depth effect
For maximum color intensity and sharp contours

Original Photo Print On Aluminium Matte to offer

Matte Surface

Non-reflective surface
For display in brightly lit areas

Your Photo On Aluminium Dibond: Your Preferred Format And Size

Your pictures on aluminium Dibond arrive in the exact format of your choice. We produce them individually with maximum accuracy. You can even set your own aspect ratio.

Order Photo Print on Aluminium Backing
  • Minimum size: 9 x 9 cm (3.5" x 3.5")
  • Maximum size: 180 x 122 cm (70" x 48")

View Formats & Prices

Picture Hanging Hooks

Picture Hanging Hooks

Small formats - For pictures with edges up to 25 cm (9.8")

Aluminium rails, parallel

Parallel Aluminium Rails

Medium size formats - For pictures with edges from 26 cm to 50 cm (10" to 19.7")

Aluminium rail rectangle

Aluminium Rail Rectangle

For pictures with edges over 50 cm (19.7")

Wall Posts for Photo Prints

Wall Posts

Medium size and large formats - For pictures with edges from 20 cm to 100 cm (7.8" to 39.3")

Original Photo Prints On Aluminium Dibond: Timeless, Highly Durable Design

Original photo prints on aluminium Dibond are absolute WhiteWall classics: They are simple and unobtrusive and have a contemporary yet timeless look. You might almost say: Everyone loves them. But that doesn’t mean you order some generic product – laminates on aluminium Dibond by WhiteWall are premium quality products: Original photographs are exposed exclusively on select branded photo paper and we guarantee 75 years of colour brilliance for colour prints and 75 years of fade protection for monochrome pictures. Select a surface texture in matt or glossy – with the right photo paper as basis for your image.

Even More Brilliant: Your Photo Print Mounted Under Acrylic Glass With An Aluminium Dibond Backing

We here at WhiteWall – being pioneers among online labs – have developed a product with more brilliance and depth that will make you a pro overnight: Our laminates under acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is lightweight and shatter-proof. The characteristics of your original photo print are multiplied with the laminate under shiny acrylic glass: the colour brilliance is intensified and the depth of field enhanced. Available in the thicknesses 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm, acrylic glass offers a whole spectrum of intensity: from a subtle depth to maximised effect with object character. Get started at 2 mm and you are guaranteed to catch the bug – laminates under 4 mm acrylic glass are our standard and true gallery quality, creating images with unrivalled color brilliance and luminosity. Surprise yourself and others with our professional presentation. Your pictures are worth it.

Direct Print On Brushed Aluminium vs. Photo Print On Aluminium Dibond: The Pros And Cons

Our direct prints on brushed aluminium come with a very special shimmer. A great effect for selected images or extravagant concepts. White and lighter areas are left out during the print process and the horizontal structure of the brushed aluminium remains visible. This very cool look is often used in the presentation of free-standing objects or for images with a metallic exterior – a contemporary, matt look with a metallic sheen in the lighter areas and a clear advantage over original photo prints on aluminium Dibond. Here at WhiteWall we use the latest inks for the very best print quality. Applied as a six-colour print, the inks are cured under UV light to form a matt surface. The procedure additionally protects the print against dirt and splash water, and the colours keep their brilliance. A direct print on brushed aluminium Dibond is therefore also suitable for roofed outdoor areas and bathrooms. Whatever image you choose – WhiteWall will deliver a premium quality product. Decide for yourself what you feel will bring out the best in your picture. And we never tire of pushing the envelope – give your creativity free reign! We will certainly keep up!

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