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Metallic ultraHD Photo Print

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Metallic ultraHD Photo Print: Original Photo Print With Pearl Gloss

The distinctive appearance of Fuji Crystal Pearl premium paper will transform your photo into something quite unique; the photochemical emulsion favours white tones with a metallic shimmer, and it ensures rich, luminous colours with intense black tones. The lights of nighttime cityscapes glimmer with a metallic effect and contrast-rich images appear to have more depth.

Double Resolution

Incredible Detail

Innovative Exposure on Real Photo Paper

Contrast-Rich Images

Real Photographic Print

Can Be Matted and Framed

Metallic ultraHD Photo Print

Traditional photo print

Metallic ultraHD Photo Print

ultraHD Photo Print

High-Gloss Fuji Crystal Pearl Paper For Metallic ultraHD Photo Prints

Shots with strong contrasts benefit from the depth effect that is created through vibrant whites and strong, imposing black tones. Professionals use this silver halide paper especially for urban shots. Colour photos also benefit from the broad colour spectrum, which gives them added intensity. It is not only the unique appearance of Fuji Crystal Pearl that's impressive – its lifespan of over 75 years makes it an absolute must-have for photographers, gallery owners, and collectors.

Metallic ultraHD Photo Print create
  • New exposure process: The even distance between the laser and the paper ensures the highest-quality results in every part of the picture
  • Paper is kept perfectly flat through climate-controlled storage
  • Exposure, development, and drying process has been optimized for time
  • Image optimization software takes full advantage of the exposure capabilities

Optional White Border For Your Metallic ultraHD Photo Print

The optional white border gives your Metallic ultraHD Photo Print on Fuji Crystal Pearl a classic look.

LightJet Print on Kodak Metallic | White Border

White Border Widths: 1 cm - 12 cm (0.39 - 4.72 in.)

Metallic ultraHD Photo Print In The Format Of Your Choice

At WhiteWall, you can choose formats ranging from mini to extra-large for your photo print on Fuji Crystal Pearl. We offer standard formats with different corner options as well as special panoramic, round, and square formats.

Metallic ultraHD Photo Print order
  • Minimum size: 9 x 9 cm (3.5 x 3.5 in.)
  • Maximum size: 240 x 122 cm (94 x 48 in.)

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Metallic ultraHD

Your Metallic ultraHD Photo Print On Fuji Crystal Pearl Paper: Framed Upon Request

The optional white border gives your image a classic look, while our range of frames, passe-partouts, and laminations turn your photo into an object befitting a gallery. If you like, you can even select a gallery photo mat for your Metallic ultraHD Photo Print on Fuji Crystal Pearl paper.

Metallic ultraHD Photo Print | Frames
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