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Real Photo Print On High Gloss Paper From Fuji

A warm base tone, extra rich colors, and an ultra-smooth surface – three great reasons to choose Fuji Flex high gloss paper.

High Gloss Surface

75-Year Brilliance

Warmer Base Tone

Real Photographic Print

Custom Sizes and Formats

Can Be Matted and Framed

Modern Technology For Your Glossy Fuji Flex Print: 75-Year Brilliance

Our modern laser exposure system, the Océ LightJet, reproduces images with sharp contours and high resolution. 

Ultra-Glossy Fuji Flex Print With A Warm Base Tone

The warm base tone and the high-gloss surface guarantee luxurious, extra-rich colors with a perfect gray balance. The high Dmax value ensures black tones appear particularly intense. The silver halide paper is 100% PET, which means it won't rip or yellow for 100 years.

  • High gloss: accent your image's depth

  • Warmer base tone: extra rich colors, and an ultra-smooth surface

Available With An Elegant White Border In Different Sizes

With an optional white border, your photo prints are visually boxed in, which can take them to the next level. This is also ideal for framing them later or for use with passe-partouts.

  • White Border Widths: 1 - 12 cm (0.39 - 4.72 in.)

LightJet Print On Fuji Flex High Gloss In The Format Of Your Choice

At WhiteWall, every picture is made to order. Set your own dimensions for your photo on Fujiflex paper. Or try one of our standard formats, from squares to panoramas to round formats in sizes ranging from miniature to extra-large – no matter what, we have the right format for your image. We can even round the corners if you like!

  • Minimum size: 9 x 9 cm (3.5 x 3.5 in.)

  • Maximum size: 240 x 122 cm (94.5 x 48 in.)

Beautiful Frames For Your Original Photo Prints

WhiteWall’s diverse range of museum passe-partouts, types of frame glass, and frames lets you transform your photograph into an authentic gallery piece.