Create Original Photo Print on Wood
Original Photo Print On Wood
Create and order Original Photo Print on Wood

Original Photo Print On Wood

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Wood Mounted Photo Prints: The Unique Look For Your Pictures

A Wood Mounted Photo Print turns your favourite picture into extraordinary wall décor. It offers a professional look fit for a gallery. As a backing material, wood is very durable and stable. The visible wood edges are thick, giving the piece a fascinating appearance!

High-Quality Photo Paper

UV Protective Laminate

Matte or Glossy Surface

2 Wood Options

Choose From 18 Formats

Wall Mount Included

Vivid Colour Photo Prints Mounted On Wood

We use modern laser exposure on high-quality, light-sensitive paper to develop your photo print. Fuji Crystal DP II supports vibrant colour reproduction. An ultra-thin laminate provides UV protection. Choose between high-gloss or the subtler matte surface.

Order Photo Prints Mounted On Wood
  • Fuji Crystal DP II: A classic paper for all kinds of photos
  • Glossy or matte surface
Photo print plywood in a natural look


18 mm (7/10 in.), natural look

Original Photo Print on Wood MDF in anthracite gray


19 mm (3/4 in.), anthracite

High-Quality And Long-Lasting: Your Photo Mounted On Wood With A UV Protective Film

To protect your photo print from external influences, we laminate it with a UV protective film and mount it to a sturdy wood panel. The laminate is high-quality and long-lasting.

Photo Mounted On Wood With A UV Protective Film
  • Robust, UV protective film, ultra-thin
  • Very transparent surface, matte or glossy
  • Authentic photographic print on brand-name paper

A Wide Variety Of Formats For Your Wood-Mounted Photograph

There are many different formats available for your photo on wood. Select a size in portrait orientation, landscape orientation, or square.

Create Formats For Your Wood-Mounted Photograph
  • 18 formats
  • Minimum size: 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 in.)
  • Maximum size: 90 x 60 cm (36 x 24 in.)

View Formats & Prices

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02 550px internat pdp rahmen@2x


Picture Size Comparison Chart: Original Photo Print On Wood

Your Wood Mounted Photo Is Easy To Hang

Your Original Photo Print On Wood arrives with a practical, built-in solution for hanging it on the wall: two slots on the reverse side for secure hanging. For all formats, we precisely mill thin slots along two of the edges, meaning your picture is ready for the wall!

Original Photo Print on Wood Easy To Hang - to create
  • Secure art packaging
  • 2 slots for hanging in portrait or landscape orientation

Pictures On Wood Are Striking: A Special Way To Present Your Photos

Photos mounted on wood are something different. That’s true. But they aren’t just noticeably different, they are also noticeably beautiful. Your favourite photo on wood is an extraordinary piece of wall décor and also a professional, gallery-quality way to present your art.

Photos With Wood Backing: A Sculptural Look For Your Pictures

Prints on canvas or textile prints have a similar effect as natural plywood panels. Under Photo Canvas on our website, you can find extraordinary options for your photo prints to fit your needs. To emphasize the sculptural character of your artwork, you can select our 35 mm (1.38") deep solid wood ArtBox for a natural appearance similar to mounting on wood. Or go for an inch-thick Acrylic Block for a cool, modern look that is also a popular gift.

Wood Surfaces Or Aluminium Dibond: Perfect Options For Any Taste

Be bold and mix small and large-format pictures in different frames or on different substrates. Every photo is different. Why not show them off differently? Listen to your gut when it comes to bringing out the best in your photo and trust your instincts to enhance your image’s effect. Take advantage of the possibilities and vary your design: nostalgic or more down-to-earth? A c-type print or a giclee print? Decide for yourself and your photos into what they truly are: your own personal memories.

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