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Leather Cover Photo Book

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WhiteWall Leather Covers Add Colour to Your Photo Book

Exquisite Leather Cover

Choose from 4 Colours of Leather

High-Resolution Inkjet Print

4 Premium Papers to Choose from

Up to 252 Pages

6 formats to choose

Leather Cover Premium Digital Print Formats
Photo Book Leathercover A5 Landscape Photo Book Leathercover Square Photo Book Leathercover A4 Hoch Photo Book Leathercover A4 Landscape Photo Book Leathercover Großes Square Photo Book Leathercover A3 Landscape
A5 Landscape Square 20 cm A4 Portrait A4 Landscape Square 30 cm A3 Landscape
Pages 20,4 x 15,0 18,5 x 18,5 20,4 x 27,0 29,6 x 21,0 30,0 x 29,4 40,0 x 30,0
Cover 20,8 x 15,6 18,9 x 19,1 20,8 x 27,6 30,2 x 21,6 30,4 x 30,0 40,4 x 30,0
Number of pages 24 - 144 24 - 144 24 - 144 24 - 252 36 - 252 36 - 252

Leather Never Goes Out of Style

Classic black, elegant brown or bold and colourful. With our leather covers, your Premium Digital Print Photo Books will become works of art with style. Design your photo book online with up to 252 pages, and we will give it offline cult status with premium quality synthetic leather. WhiteWall will also reinforce your leather photo book with a strong spine and durable PUR adhesive binding.

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Fotobuch mit Ledereinband und Standard seidenmatt Fotopapier gestalten

Standard Silk Matte

Our classic, 170 g/m² standard paper provides a silky sheen that lends your photos a clear presence and natural brilliance.

Fotobuch Ledereinband mit Seidenglanz-Veredelung bestellen

Premium with Glossy Finish

Our 250 g/m² paper with a high gloss finish scores big for its vivid colors. This surface was made to bring out the sharp details and vibrant colors in your photos.

Fotobuch erstellen mit Ledereinband und Premium Seidenmatt Papier

Premium silk matte paper

If you don't want to let pictures do all the talking and want to include words in your photo book, our 250 g/m² robust premium silk matte paper can do it all.

Fotobuch mit Ledercover und mattem Fotopapier bestellen

Premium Matte Uncoated

Our 170 g/m² premium matte uncoated paper has high-end yet natural appearance. This selected design paper is especially matte, resulting in less glare and more stares.

The Secret Of Eternal Beauty: PUR

When you put so much effort into creating your very own Premium Digital Print Photo Book, you want to be able to enjoy it for a very long time. That’s why WhiteWall uses extremely durable PUR adhesive binding. Thanks to the elastic adhesive, your leather photo book will keep its timeless chic look, strong spine, and flexible pages for decades.

Photobook Leathercover | binding
Photobook Hardcover | white

Book End Paper White

Photobook Hardcover | black

Book End Paper Black

Small or Large Photo Book, You Decide

A Leather Photo Book deserves to be presented in the right format. WhiteWall offers six options to let your creativity run riot on up to 252 pages. From landscape to square to portrait, your photo book will turn out great. You create it, and we make it into a real eye-catcher.

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