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Softcover Photo Book

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The WhiteWall Softcover Photo Book

Entry-level product

Modern Softcover

Glossy or SoftTouch Surface

High-Resolution Inkjet Print

4 Premium Papers at your Choice

3 formats to choose

Overview Of Softcover Premium Digital Print Formats
Softcover Photo Book Small Landscape Softcover Photo Book Square 20 cm Softcover Photo Book Standard Portrait
A5 Landscape Square 20 cm A4 Portrait
Pages 21,0 x 15,6 19,1 x 19,1 21,0 x 27,6
Cover 21,0 x 15,6 19,1 x 19,1 21,0 x 27,6
Number of pages 24 up to 144 24 up to 144 24 up to 144

Photo Book Softcover Flexible, Dynamic And Modern

Our Softcover is definitely no softie. It may seem delicate, flexible and lightweight, but it can easily withstand any strain. Your Premium Digital Print Photo Book's softcover flexibly adjusts to suit your pictures and will win you over with its modern mobility, whether you are creating your photo book online or offline at your leisure.

Create Photo Book with Softcover

Two Softcover Options: Glossy or Soft Touch

The softcovers from WhiteWall are always top of the line, although they appear quite different on the surface. The Soft Touch covers look velvety soft and refined, and the glossy covers are cool and luminous. The picture you choose will really come into its own on either surface. Select your softcover according to your personal preferences, and WhiteWall will take care of the rest. No matter what, your Premium Digital Print Photo Book will be an eye-catcher on your bookshelf and visual delight wherever you take it.

Fotobuch mit Softcover in glänzend oder matt erstellen
Fotobuch erstellen mit Fotopapier Standart Seidenmatt papier

Standard Silk Matte

Our classic, 170 g/m² standard paper provides a silky sheen that lends your photos a clear presence and natural brilliance.

Fotobuch gestalten mit Fotopapier Seidenglanz-Veredelung

Premium With Glossy Finish

Our 250 g/m² paper with a high gloss finish scores big for its vivid colors. This surface was made to bring out the sharp details and vibrant colors in your photos.

Fotobuch mit Fotopapier gestalten mit Premium Seidenmatt Papier

Premium silk matte paper

If you don't want to let pictures do all the talking and want to include words in your photo book, our 250 g/m² robust premium silk matte paper can do it all.

Fotobuch mit matt ungestrichenem Fotopapier gestalten

Premium Matte Uncoated

Our 170 g/m² premium matte uncoated paper has high-end yet natural appearance. This selected design paper is especially matte, resulting in less glare and more stares.

Pure Strength, Thanks To PUR Binding

Our binding must live up to the promises of our dynamic softcover photo book. Conventional hot-melt bonding was not enough for our high standards. That’s why WhiteWall uses the extremely durable PUR adhesive binding. It flexibly adjusts to your reading habits and reliably keeps together what belongs together, without leaving marks on the spine. Whether you design your photo book online or offline.

Photobook Softcover | Binding

Good Things Come in Threes – Selecting the Right Format

WhiteWall leaves nothing to chance and offers three choice formats with up to 144 pages to provide the best for your photos. Let your Softcover Premium Digital Print Photo Book make an excellent impression in the small landscape, handy square, or standard portrait format.

Softcover Fotobuch in 3 Formaten bestellen
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