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A journey through Iceland with Iurie Belegurschi

Join us on a journey through the different seasons of Iceland. From icy landscapes to the green island. Let Iurie's pictures inspire you. You can find an interview with Iurie at the bottom of the page.

The icy time perfectly staged with our acrylic products

Immerse yourself in the icy splendor of Iceland! Our exclusive acrylic glass collection is perfect for capturing the magic of the Northern Lights. The breathtaking landscape photographs by Iurie Belegurschi are a perfect example of this! Let your photos shine and create an incomparable atmosphere in any room. The photographs are exposed on high-quality paper, laminated with acrylic glass and sealed on a sturdy aluminum carrier plate. The icy landscapes of Iceland shine in unique splendor on this unique carrier medium. The clear acrylic glass not only brings out the brilliance of the colors, but also gives the pictures an impressive depth effect. It is ideal for the nuances of landscape photography, such as the Northern Lights and the majestic beauty of icy landscapes.

A picture of icy Iceland printed on a photo under acrylic glass representing blue water and red sky

The frost melt on Fine Art Paper emphasized in detail

The exclusive prints by Iurie Belegurschi allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Iceland.The impressive photographs capture the beauty of the frost melt and are brought to life on the finest paper. You can choose from 12 textured fine art papers from renowned brands Hahnemühle, Canson and Epson to personalize your prints and highlight the uniqueness of your photographs. You also have the option of presenting four fine art papers laminated on aluminum dibond for a modern look and outstanding quality. The detailed pigment print in combination with the textured surfaces gives your images a fascinating expressiveness. You can have your picture custom-framed in our in-house frame shop. All frames are individually made from high-quality materials to ensure that your motif has the desired effect. This makes every framed picture unique. Be inspired by the beauty of Iceland and order your own fine art print now to give your personal moments the artistic touch they deserve.

A picture of the frost melt in Iceland taken from above with a drone representing water and a little bit of green land in the middle of the water.

The green season elegantly highlighted in a passe-partout frame

Present your personal landscape photos in a custom-made passe-partout frame and give them a touch of timeless elegance. The passe-partouts are made with the utmost precision from acid-free museum board and blend seamlessly with your individual photographs. You can choose between 7 colors of museum cardboard passe-partout, 3 colors of linen passe-partout and 4 types of glass to let your masterpieces shine in the best light. The selection of wooden frames in various colors and profile widths allows you to design the frame entirely according to your wishes. Determine the color and width of the passe-partout individually to emphasize the beauty of your photos. Capture the magic of your personal moments in a frame that showcases your photography and your connection with nature.

A picture of green Iceland in a wooden passepartout frame.
A big Photo Print under acrylic glass hanging on a wall in a living room and representing some blue and cold Iceland landscape from above.
Acrylic Photo Prints
Four pictures of Iceland hanging on a wall next to two arnchairs. All the pictures are printed on Fine Art and some of them are framed.
Print on Fine Art Paper
A picture of Iceland in a passepartout frame hanging on a green wall.
Photo in passepartout frame

Short profile

Iurie Belegurschi is an internationally renowned photographer who specialises in capturing spectacular landscapes, particularly in Iceland. His photographs highlight the beauty of nature and his message aims to raise awareness of environmental conservation. His work has been exhibited and published worldwide. As a long-standing customer, Iurie swears by WhiteWall products to make its images look perfect when printed.

A black and white portrait of the photographer Iurie Belegurschi.

4 questions to Iurie Belegurschi

What fascinates you most about winter photography in Iceland? What special elements and moods inspire you during this time of year?

What fascinates me most about winter photography in Iceland is the unique blend of natural elements that come together to create a magical and otherworldly scene. The Northern Lights, with their ethereal dance across the sky, add a surreal and vibrant touch to the night landscape, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any photographer. The way the Aurora Borealis illuminates the snowy landscapes create a contrast that is both striking and deeply captivating.

Additionally, the frozen waterfalls in Iceland during winter are a marvel. The icy formations add a crystal-like quality to the falls, transforming them into living sculptures shaped by nature. This frozen state not only provides a unique aesthetic but also challenges me to capture their beauty in a way that does justice to their majestic and transient nature.

Winter is also the best time to explore and photograph Ice Caves in Iceland. The way light filters through the ice, creating hues of blue and other colors, is simply mesmerizing. These caves offer a glimpse into a frozen world, untouched and pure, which is a dream for any photographer passionate about capturing the essence of nature.

Overall, the special elements and moods of winter in Iceland inspire me to push the boundaries of my creativity. Each element – from the Northern Lights to the ice caves – presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, making winter photography in Iceland not just a pursuit of capturing images, but an adventure in witnessing and documenting the extraordinary beauty of our planet.

How do you organize the composition of your winter photos to capture the unique atmosphere of Iceland in the best possible way?

In composing my winter photos, a strong foreground is paramount to capture the unique atmosphere of Iceland. This approach not only adds depth to the image but also invites the viewer into the scene, creating a more immersive experience. By including elements like ice formations, rocks, or the texture of the snow in the foreground, I can give a sense of scale and context, which is crucial in conveying the vastness and beauty of the Icelandic landscape.

I have a particular fondness for using wide-angle lenses, especially when photographing the Northern Lights. This allows me to encompass a significant portion of the sky, capturing the grandeur of the auroras while still maintaining a compelling foreground. This technique creates a dynamic balance between the heavenly spectacle above and the rugged beauty of the Icelandic terrain below.

Similarly, when photographing ice caves, I prefer to use the widest lens available. The wide angle not only captures the expansive interior of the caves but also accentuates their natural curves and textures. Additionally, incorporating a human element inside the cave is a technique I often employ to provide scale. The presence of a person not only gives a sense of the cave's size but also adds a human perspective to these otherworldly landscapes.

The structures and details within these environments are endlessly fascinating. The way light plays off the ice, the intricate patterns in the snow, and the stark contrasts between the icy blues and the stark whites are just a few examples of the mesmerizing details that captivate my attention. These elements are not just compositional tools but are characters in their own right, each telling a part of the story of Iceland's winter wonderland.

Overall, my compositional approach is about balancing the grand scale with intimate details, using wide-angle perspectives to create depth and context, and always seeking to capture the unique interplay of light and landscape that makes Iceland's winter so enchanting.

When you are out and about on your photo tours, how do you find the right motif? Do you have a precise image in mind beforehand or do you let yourself drift?

When I'm out on my photo tours, my approach to finding the right motif is a blend of preparation and spontaneity. I often have a general image in mind, especially considering the unique elements of Iceland's winter landscape like the Northern Lights, frozen waterfalls, and ice caves. This preparation involves understanding the best times for certain shots, like the auroras, and knowing the locations that offer the most compelling foregrounds for these phenomena.

However, there's also a significant element of letting myself drift and being open to the unexpected. The dynamic and ever-changing nature of Iceland's winter means that no two days are the same. Light conditions, weather, and even the formation of ice can alter dramatically, offering new perspectives and motifs. This requires a degree of flexibility and a willingness to adapt my initial plans.

In essence, while I start with a clear idea of what I want to capture, especially regarding the use of wide angles and including strong foregrounds for depth, I remain open to the surprises that the Icelandic landscape invariably presents. This balance between planning and spontaneity is crucial in capturing the essence and unique atmosphere of Iceland’s winter.

Iceland offers a variety of natural spectacles, including the Northern Lights. What tips do you have for photographers setting out to capture this fascinating phenomenon?

When setting out to capture the Northern Lights in Iceland, my primary tip for photographers is to focus on incorporating a strong foreground in your compositions. While the aurora itself is undoubtedly mesmerizing, having an interesting foreground can elevate your photographs significantly.

Instead of just capturing the sky and the aurora, look for elements in the landscape that can add depth and context to your images. I often seek out locations like lakes, where the reflections of the lights can create a symmetrical and captivating scene. Ice beaches are another favorite of mine, where the contrast between the cold ice and the warm hues of the aurora can produce stunning results.

Waterfalls and mountains also make for excellent foregrounds. The movement of the water in a waterfall can add a dynamic element to the photo, while mountains can provide a sense of scale and grandeur. These elements help in creating a more balanced and intriguing composition.

Overall, the key is to find foregrounds that complement the beauty of the Northern Lights, adding layers and interest to the celestial display. This approach not only captures the phenomenon but also tells a richer story of the Icelandic landscape under this extraordinary light show.